Day X+175-179 – Music is balm for the soul

Wrap up of another couple of days in regards of reflecting on those! I am trying to catch up but with all the learning I am supposed to be doing and actually am doing, it really is hard to keep up to date and on track…in March it will get MUCH better!

16.02.2017 – Day X+175
Apocalyptica. Show. In. Hamburg. The rest of the day you can totally forget, because everything got unimportant when you have such a concert coming up. And my boyfriend was joining me. So I was having important people around me. And my fave music that has made me go through so many (very) dark times in my life and has always given me new power. And it was an emotional evening, that was as always far too short ^^

17.02.2017 – Day X+176
Dead is pretty much a nice expression of how I felt for the whole day – I had come to sleep at like 2am because of all the adrenaline in my boy from last night, and then had to show up at school at 9am. Hell on earth, really.
And it then got even worse – I went home and had planned to eep myself busy but instead fell asleep on the couch and then had to be headed to my hoop lesson after which I somehow felt more refreshed and fitter than during the whole damned day which again led to me not being able to go to sleep early…

18.02.2017 – Day X+177
My boyfriend came around in the early afternoon and we used the dry weather for a bit of a walk before doing foodhopping and then taking care of our dinner, aka the very first self-made springrolls a la my ideas xD And they turned out really delicious but time consuming when it comes to the preparation. We then watched the last episode of Vikings and some other odd stuff before falling into bed…

19.02.2017 – Day X+178
Sunday, day of learning or at least trying so after my boyfriend had left my place. In the end it´s just been around 2,5 hours and I felt like I was gonna forget half of the learned things anyways immediately. I really have no idea how to get everything into my head, I am totally lacking power and am actually permanently physically and mentally exhausted. And somewhen I also had to do some house scores and all that shit – only my hot bath and my dinner really made me relax for a while at last.

20.02.2017 – Day X+179
Exam preparation class all up until very late lunchtime, and as I thought we´d finish earlier, I had left my porrdige at home for some late lunch…equipped just with my breakfast and my banana, happy Monday, that´s all I can say. But at least the warmth creme had mostly erased my back pain. But that´s it mostly about the good news of the day. The class was tiring and I feel more and more the fear of failing because I seem to be not remembering anything or not knowing anything that´s seemingly relevant for the exams next week…and the weather did its best to also not really make motivation grow, unless it´s about the motivation to stay in bed all day…

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