Hoop Lesson 7 (17.02.17) & Playtime (22.02.2017)

The lesson – it went rather well, except for that one move that is the last one in the hoop as mentioned in the last blog post about my hoop time. And then we also did some final floorwork, which is rather easy looking at all the things that we´ve done in the hoop before.

But I still feel like an elephant doing the floorwork, it just doesn´t look elegant no matter how hard I try. I just feel fat. It is terrible how a few seconds of floorwork can totally destroy the feel that I had about the choreography. I. Hate. Floorwork.

And also we started repeating to really hit the change points and be in time which I really struggle with because the music is just sounding all the same and it is hard to really hear where to change and go into the next position. In the last lesson we will be practicing this over and over again. My poor nerves.

The playtime…I went there with the slightest hope of things maybe going well and boosting my ego a tiny little bit. But I didn´t have high hopes and therefore was quite surprised when things were going really well.

The roll forward and getting back up again afterwards has now a 100% chance to be working even though it is not a 100% how it should be like, but I am getting up again and don´t look like a strandled whale anymore. I am totally fine with this, I really dropped perfectionism there. Simply because I dunnot have time for perfectionism now anymore.

The thing from last week´s lesson now also improved LOADS, by now it has a 90% chance of working, which is such a huge improvement which I really had not imagined at all. No idea why it improved so much all of a sudden, it just worked most of the times now. Maybe because I just dropped the pressure, lord know. I don´t really care, as long as it works 😉

So yeah, it went well except for hitting my ankle against the hoop really hard and well, the hoop is solid. nothing more to say about this…


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