Always on Sunday (31)

In between final repetition sessions for my exam tomorrow, I am kinda throwing all of this together…and hopefully will not forget to post it in time 😉

// Done //
– Grocery shopping – the totally necessary evil as I would call it…
– Studying for the final project management exam – I so have to pass this to get rid off it…
– Hoop playtime – chatting and practicing without the necessary focus brings bruises
– Hoop lesson – All confident for the performance as stuff worked out well
Hoop performance – half disaster for the perfectionist like me & brought pain
– Dentist appointment – I survived without a injection..thank god.
– Trying not to get sick – constant battle with all the stress and exhaustion going on

// Eaten //
Too much crap, and too unhealthy and too uncontrolled. But as I hope this stress will be done by tomorrow evening when I will (hopefully) have passed my exams, I can finally focus on eating healthy again. I miss it, but somehow was craving too much sweets…

// Bought //
Apocalyptica vinyl, flight tickets to London, AirBnb stay in London, the usual grocery stuff and generally htings I always need. But besides this nothing special – becaus ethe most uncommon things I listed already right at the start ^^

// Listened to //
Apocalyptica. And only Apocalyptica. It kinda indicates how stressed I am currently, and specially the instrumental songs are good for clearing the mind to get refreshed for yet another round of learning…

// Watched //
This time a food preparation video – on an egg in bacon avocado. Sounds odd, doesn´t it!? And doesn´t look any less weird but….this is really tempting me, really gotta try this some time!

// Read //
Besides all the project management stuff that caught like 98% of all my reading, I also had a read about nice places where to go and stumbled across this list of 17 places where you can go to rather cheaply by plane 😉

// Played //
Nothing. I didn´t even touch Stardew Valley except for playing one game-day, which is really not much looking at how much I used to be playing. Frustrating, because once you start playing, it is hard to stop – but there is so much else to do that is more important…

// Thought //
I really need a photoshooting of me doing Hoop. I am so in love with me doing this sport and I somehow feel more confident in/with the hoop than without it when it comes to my looks/appearance 😉

// Happy about //
Having won the concert tickets to Apocalyptica in London, and it´s really come as a freakin surprise! 

// Angry about //
…not being able to keep my Weight Watchers budgets…I was always over my budget, and under my active minutes. I really tried not to dive off into stress eating and it´s been different this time – it´s been far less than it had been in the days, but it still sort of returned. Especially when I was learning during the evening and nighttime hours, I was having so much need for sweets…

// Wished for //
This feeling of being burnt-out to disappear. This permanent tiredness to go away, my throat aching and this permanent weakness that clearly shows how done with everything my body is and how much my body struggles not only physicalls but also mentally. I want to be able to stand up again after a good night without odd dreams, and feeling refreshed in the morning and looking forward to the day.

// Dreamt about //
Loads of crazy stuff that really didn´t make any sense no matter how you twisted and turned it xD

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