Day X+180-183 – The exam is coming closer!

21.02.2017 – Day X+180
What a day. First school and the in the afternoon dentist appoint to redo one of my fillings that broke out halfway and caused toothflesh troubles. And I was “promised” that it needs to be done with having it injected so it doesn´t hurt…the doctor said we could try without but he isn´t sure if that was working for me painwise…let´s put it this way: it was painful. But the thought of a injection needle really made everything relatively bearable. More or less. Sweat pearls running down my back told a different story, but well, I survived. And then afterwards did some sweets shopping and therefore also illed today´s weight watchers budget…

22.02.2017 – Day X+181
Woke up after around 10h of sleep and still felt as if a truck had ran over me somehow, and I really don´t know why. Maybe my body and mind needs more time for ecovery, but I do not yet have the time for this. Got up, breakfast, and then picked up the vinyl of Apocalyptica´s “plays metallica”, and did in the same rush some grocery shopping, learnt a tiny bit and then rushed to my hoop playtime that at least went pretty well I´d say. And after that, dinner, hot bath (painful with bruises) and then learning and learning and even more learning. I don´t want this anymore.

23.02.2017 – Day X+182
I woke up to the sound of rain clashing against my windows, after the wind had been howling throughout the night. The windgame of my neighbours has been making noise throughout the whole day, and whilst learning this really made me hyper aggressive. That piled up with the not-motivation caused by the general grey weather, made the day just…a long one, but I forced myself to be learning anyways because there is simply no way around.

24.02.2017 – Day X+183
What. a. day. You know, I had been playing with this crazy idea of going to London to see Apocalyptica but as tickets were all sold out, I kinda gave up on it even though I, with a laugh, took part in a couple of competitions to win tickets. AND GUESS WHAT! I won two tickets. Like, really. So fucking excited!
And the hoop final lesson also went really really well – couldn´t have gone any better, even though my lower left arm still hurts since the play time on Wednesday…but I should be okay, especially now that my cold seems to have magically disappeared!?


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