Day X+184-187 – Bye Bye February!

25.02.2017 – Day X+184
A day of learning and the Hoop performance at the sports studio. And lets put it that way, the performance was a let down for me.
First I got wrong info on when to be there and had to rush, just to figure out that I would have had more than half an hour more to actually get there. All stressed out and already with still a tad of pain from the week, I still did the warm up and felt really good until the first figure where Ihad to put weight onto my left arm.
And booom, massive pain in my muscle. I pulled through neverthelels, but the timing of the moves was just awful and after the performance I was in so much pain the tears just came up…then went home, said goodbye to my boyfriend again far too early and continued learning though that was tough job with all the pain…

26.02.2017 – Day X+185
Learning. Learning. Haven´t slept too well and my motivation dropped really quickly, especially because I am missing it to spend proper time together with my boyfriend. I really want this whole time to be over, I want me to have passed these damned exams and to catch up with life again. I want to feel fit and agile again, and the pain in my left arm is also not really uplifting. Annoying day, really. And I have no idea how to survive the night because I start getting nervous, really.

27.02.2017 – Day X+186
Written exam. Oral exam. Results of the project plan. You can imagine how much I slept last night – I fell asleep at like 3am, woke up panicking at 4am because I freamt I would have overslept. Didn´t fall asleep anymore afterwards. I was tired, stressed out, and grumpy. And I felt stomach sick to an extend I had to force myself to eat my bread for breakfast.
I don´t know how I made it through the written exam, but I felt pretty much dizzy all the time. But I remembered stuff and I am pretty certain I remembered enough to have passed. Then  we got some general feedback and the info, we had all passed the project plan part of the examination. Relax. Went to have lunch at Vapiano with a course collague as we had been one of the last ones for the oral exam and needed to somehow  pass the waiting time. And on the last metres before that oral exam…all my panic returned. I was shaking, I felt dizzy at its best, I was close to just crying for the sake of stress relief. But then the oral exam went well – we had to pull three cards with questions and needed to answer two of them. And I was really lucky with those that I picked. I passed. What. a . relief. It is over, I guess.
Then we went to Hofbräuhaus for some drinks and food to relax and get rid off the stress…

28.02.2017 – Day X+187
Man I slept like a baby last night, felt so good…
Job agency appointment which went okay, and being told I can be proud of finishing the course is also not too bad 😉 Afterwards went to beg the orthopaedist to pleaaase check my left arm as it is still hurting and hey, it even worked. Luckily it is just bery badly strained, and nothing ripped apart…makes me relieved, but not being able to put pressure onto the arm or really work with the muscle is annoying. Oh and no sudden or quick movements also aren´t allowed. Annoying as hell, but no can do ^^
Rets of the day I spent with cleaning and reducing the mess of my apartment, and packing my stuff for London…still cannot believe I am really going to see Apocalyptica tomorrow again o.O


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