Bucket List #10 – Go and see a soccer match at the stadium

A pretty easy thing to cross off the bucket list, because my mum and my stepdad had bought me the ticket for the match of Hamburger SV vs. 1. FC Köln (07.02.2017) – it´s always a really good reason to go to the stadium and somehow always feels like coming home in some sense. I am not as much of a soccer fan anymore as I had been back when I was a kid and teenager, but still it´s always great to watch live matches. Simply because my focus has switched from just being a fan, to rather focussing onto the strategy and how the teams are playing and such things.

But the athmosphere is always something that I enjoy, the singing, the passion, the emotions…yet I dislike how fans sprad hate onto each other, I am not really fond of it anymore. When I was a teenager I was full into this rivals thing, and everything, though now that I have grown up, it is hard to understand. A certain dislike against the opponent, sure, that´s normal. But when seeing how others are over the top, I can just shake my head. Especially when it comes to chantings related to the other team being in relegation or ending up there, it pisses me off. Simply because my team has been there so many times, so many times we went down from first to send league and back up again and we know how painful this is for fans – and then singing about it to the opponent´s fans…well, no understanding from me – if we had never been there, fine. But making fun of a team beaing in the same situation as the own team had been many times, this has nothing to do anymore with being a fan or being passionate.

Like I said, my views on certain things have changed and that maybe comes with the age and the distance to the whole soccer fandom – or maybe I have just become a boring and middle-class girl that occasionally attends a soccer match. Whatever, I have my fun every time from new, I learned to ignore things that annoy me.

Oh and…we lost that match with 3:0 in a match where my team only showed their skills for about maybe 10-15 minutes, the rest was something where I wondered if they needed a guidance dog or something…I really have no idea what went wrong, this ain´t what the team really could have shown. They have so much talent and skill, but that was nowhere to be seen…Frustrating. And cold.


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