01.03./02.03.2017 – Apocalyptica in London – or: how lucky can I get?

It is always funny how tough it is to really put these trip experiences into words afterwards, all the thoughts, emotions, and evertyhing still spinning in my head…especially when it´s such crazy trips like my trip to London this time.

You know, I thought this would never happen – the show was sold out, didn´t want to work as press and then I won those tickets. Boom, planning here, booking flights and accomodation and then the day was there.

A really early morning. Like, really. I got up at like 3am, just to catch my train to the airport at around 4.30am – I had to walk to the station. Totally much fun when you have a backpack and another smaller bag. And it is that early. And you are dead tired. Once I arrived at the airport I seriously regretted that I was embarking on this trip – I would have just given everything to return and fall into my bed again. But fuck, how much I would have missed out on…But I hopped onto the plane after security checks and what not and pretty much fell asleep immediately after take-off, because I really had to catch up with sleep. And you can never sleep enough, right 😉

I landed in London Stansted even ahead of time, 20min early even – and I waited for my mate to arrive so we could go together to the city and stuff. I guess we both were tired at that time, and the plan was to drop off our stuff at the Airbnb host apartment and then head to the venue for a quick check and then go shopping.

Yeah, that Airbnb place. When we arrived, the first terrible thing was all these staurs to climb up outside. And you immediately saw that the building was not taken care of at all. But you know, I thought it´s time to not judge a book by its cover. But in the end I coud have. So we arrived and our room was not ready even though it was not that early that we arrived. It was dirty and messy, and so was the bathroom. Plus, it was moldy. Kitchen and bathroom you really saw the mold everywhere, it was terrible. In our room you had to open the windows to be able to breathe, so yeah. We dropped off our stuff and went for checking the venue and then some shopping and food, and once we returned our room and the apartment was at least cleaned.

That it was still a terrible place wasn´t really changed by this, because
the mold is just dangerous for someone allergic like me, and my lung clearly told me this. That´s also the reason why I didn´t stay at the apartment for too long after having changed clothes and rather walked to the venue early – fresh air, and hoping to bump into the band maybe in advance. And whenI arrived at the venue, I quickly asked the merchandise girl if there was the chance to actually still buy VIP passes on the spot – there had been some left online the day before or so, but they were gone then.

So no chance, I was gutted. I really would have paid for it because I wanted to see them. Like, meet them, after not meeting most of the band in Hamburg. I went for a walk aorun dthe venue, trying to figure out back entrances or maybe the location of the tourbus or whatnot, but nothing. My mood was low-  I was annoyed and somehow frustrated when I returned back into the venue and walked by the merchandise to actually just go to the bathroom. And I was called back, and to make it short – I got a VIP ticket because some people did not show up. This came as such a surprise I couldn´t have been any more speechless.

Then I picked up the tickets and was like “hmm, sounds as if it was good seats but…” – I remained sceptikal, whch changed once we entered the hall for the meet and greet. And it was so weird to be one of those that went for the meet and greet because I told myself to never do this hahaha that´s also why the band was extra surprised to see me – needed to explain that I did not pay for it xD

And it was cool to be there, because after the show there had been no way to run into the guys anymore. Always feels like coming home in some way, hard to explain actually. And we had a good laugh when I wanted to refuse to stand in between the two tall gentlemen, because I always feel so tiny. So I was standing on tiptoes, and then others also felt the need to make themselves taller…it was hilarious and really a good laugh xD

Then I went to check out the seats and man, I really liked it. Not too close to the front but with a fab view onto the stage – and as I figured during the show, also great sound. Just…well, I will try to state it in a polite manner – this audience….why do they come to a rock show if they don´t want to move and bitch at ppl who even just temporarily stand? Seriously, get a life people and chill. Man this audience was boring, I was so disappointed. At some point and for the last three songs, some guys started rushing to the front to stand and I joined in – I was so fed up with sitting…and man these securities in front of the stage – they probably need a therapy now as they are seemingly only used to philharmony visitors and panicly tried to tell us not to touch the stage…well…hahaha forget it.

The show was over far too quick, but in total it´s been really great – meeting ppl from old times, the show itself, the meet and greet and the tickets…I really couldn´t believe that this was all real. I always waited for the moment where I will be waking up and realize this all had just been a too good dream. But that moment didn´t come. It remained totally surreal somehow. After the show  then still had a drink and went for some food, hoping to still catch the guys but they were probably gone straight to the hotel.

We planned on walking back to the hostel but…man this wind o.O Crazy shit, really. Instead ran afte rthe bus that took us back to our hell hole. You were even able to smell the mold, and every minute I spent there, my lung started hurting more and I literally felt how the symptoms of an asthmatic
attacks were creeping up onto me.I am still sorry for my mate who was with me as she joined me on the bus to the train station where we wanted to catch the train to the airport in Stansted…to figure out that the first train was running only in a few hours. And nothing was really open – so we ran around in the windy cold and …until we ended in some tea place, pub, whatever that thing was…better than being strandled on the streets, but still fucking annoying…So Sorry to my mate!

In the end we then hopped onto the train to the airport and had a nice 45min lasting nap – I was really at my limit, but some food then at the airport helped it. but before I had to manage my anger because of the security checks and that dude that just made it a hassle – don´t wanna go into details here, otherwise the anger problem returns again ^^

Once on the plane, I put on my headphones, fastened the seatbelt and…fell asleep before I was able to count up to one.
Didn´t even notice we were waiting on the roll field for like half an hour because of whatever reasons, just noticed that because we landed with a delay…didn´t matter, total countdown to my own bathroom, a hot bath, food and relaxing…and man it felt good to be back home!


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