Always on Sunday (32)

Crazy week…really. So much going on, so much happening, so much adrenaline in my body and stress and happiness and emotions and…you get what I mean 😉

// Done //
– Did my written and oral exams and finished the project management course as I passed all exams
– Flew to London to see Apocalyptica and got a meet and greet for free
– Spent more than 24h awake in a row
– Went out for dinner with my boyfriend
– Finally slept again without nightmares
– Tidied up my apartment from the whole mess that I had created during the learning phase
– Played computer games without feeling guilty
– Started my challenge of working on getting into a split (nice dream, I know xD)

// Eaten //
– A pizza from Smiley´s with pine-apple, salmonand corn
– Sweets
– Asian food (duck)
– Loads of unhealthy stuff in London
– Too many sweets

// Bought //
– Food (1 week = 15€ – another challenge)
– Public transport in London
– Food and drink in London
– Yoga blocks for my split challenge

// Listened to //
Apocalyptica. And only this. Especially “Welcome Home sanitarium” and “Sad but true” as I really love these songs and even more fell in love with them during the recent Apocalyptica tour.

// Watched //

“Alles was zählt” – a German daily soap of which I have not missed a single one throughout all the years it is already running

“Chef´s table” – As there is finally a new episode on Netflix, my boyfriend and I watched it together (I do not have Netflix anymore, it was a first step to saving money…)

“Kitchen Impossible” is gonna be on tonight again, so I will clearly be watching it – as usual, it´s become some habit for me as I am totally in love with any shows that are related to cooking – especially when it comes to the competition between two amazing chefs, battling each other with sending them to different countries to prepare dishes that they only were able to taste…

“Die Kochprofis” – another TV series about stuff relatd to cooking, but it´s about a team of great chefs helping out other “chefs” that struggle with their restaurants and businesses – and to be honest, sometimes I really wonder how on earth people could even open a restaurant with even less skills and knowledge than I have…And how can they offer people a food that…don´t get me started on this, it is crazy how un-intelligent some people are. Surely there are also those chefs where the food is not the issues, but in the latest episode…I cannot stop shaking my head.

// Read //
To be honest – nothing yet. I am planning on continuing reading some of my books, because this is really what I have totally neglected as my course really killed my joy of reading at all.  I have so many unread books piling up next to my bed, and that is going on for ages already – I do not know why I am not reading as much as I did before, even though that already started before the time I lost my job.

// Played //
Planet Coaster – it´s all about setting up an amusement park with all its rides and shops and everything…and you can even create your own rollercoaster rides with all its loops and such 😀 Clearly something that makes one addicted!

// Thought //
I shut down my brain right after my exams on Monday were finished 😉 Kidding aside, I thought it´s simply great how it feels to not be stressed out anymore and how it feels like to feel again and not to be acing like a robot anymore.

// Happy about //
That I decided to go to London and that my boyfriend was totally okay with this and even was happy for me that I was able to go there. Because that was really important for me, as my boyfriend has put up with me all the past weeks without killing me – and that must have been quite a challenge with my mood swings and being permanently stressed…

// Angry about //
This piece of shit apartment in London that was full of mold, and you know, then afterwards the host is like “yeah we do fight this with some chemicals and stuff” and I just sit there, reading this, and think like “okay, dude, because you are not able to maintain the apartment and live in a house where windows do not close properly and such, chemicals will not do the trick”…so hilarious in a negative way, no words left for this, really.

// Wished for //
The audience in London to be more enthusiastic and not just staying all seated and lame and such…that was so disappointing, really because I had expected quite a lot due to prior experience but also what I always had heard about the audiences there…total let down.

// Dreamt about //
Loads of traveling related things, of being to weird places that I had never been to before and could never get out there again because of cancelled flights, trains and whatnot…


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