Day X+188-193 – Hello spring!

01.03.2017 – Day X+188
London and Apocalyptica. Quite a perfect start into the month, well, nearly – I missed my boyfriend somehow, really. But it was  an amazing trip anyways even though it had also its downs and everything. But it really was like pressing the button from stressed to totally back to acting normally. I felt the weight drop off my shoulders and that really was what I hoped what would happen during this trip.

02.03.2017 – Day X+189
Fully exhausted back home at like 11am, and all I did was eating, watching TV, passing out on the bed and a hot bath to really relax all the muscles and such…I really had to relax and try to recover as much as possible because the trip was really exhausting that I was even not able to cook and instead ordered a pizza…and it was soooo good!

03.03.2017 – Day X+190
As my arm still was painful, no workout in the morning for me unfortunately which really made me sad because I had been looking forward to it. Instead I was resting, and doing grocery shopping because my fridge was rather empty – after I did a meal plan for a week in order to be just buying what I really need and not have any excess food at home that might turn bad. maybe that´s how to save money. And in the afternoon I headed to pick up my boyfriend and we went out for dinner to an Asian restaurant – a review will of course follow!

04.03.2017 – Day X+191
A really late getting up, breakfast in bed and all of this together with my boyfriend – finally it´s about catching up all the things for which I did not have any time thanks to all the stuff with the project management course. It´s really felt like recharging the batteries, and that´s been necessary. The rest of the day I spent with some stretching, but mostly playing games and watching TV. Lazy day for the win!

05.03.2017 – Day X+192
Woke up feeling as if I had been fighting against the bed and not as if I had spent the night with sleeping – what a fail. But luckily it´s not like I would need to get up early the next days, so…wish it was different, but no can do. Tomorrow the application marathon starts again. Anyways, went for a first short run and man what a hassle – I need to work on that again, really. What else I did? TV, cooking and playing games. I enjoy doing nothing before I gotta kick ass again.

06.03.2017 – Day X+193
Finally brought away some bottles and such, before trying to get in touch with my doctor who again is not there so I will need to try and find someone else to prescribe me my anti-allergic pills. let´s see. It can only get better.
Also I did some bookings for a weekend trip with my boyfriend – as we did it with blindbooking by Eurowings, only I (as I booked it) know the destination and will keep this a secret for a while – so I spent quite some time with booking the hotel and having a first look onto sightseeing and such before I started digging for jobs again on the internet as this struggle starts now again.
Lateron it´s been a little bit of flexibility workout and abs workout, dinner, and the usual I´d say 😉


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