Bucket List #4 – Color your nails each in a different color

You might be surprised that it took me quite a while to actually get this bcket list point done – but having had job interviews nevery week at least once, it´s kinda been hard to really do it. I mean, I wouldn´t want to go to any kind of important appointment having nails that make me look like a clown or total freak…Sure it would show my personality somehow, but I am not entirely sure if that would really make others really appreciate me and take my work serious…

But now as I have a week without interviews, I was finally able to go for it – and here is the proof of it:

The bad thing is I need to get rid off it again once I gotta look professional again with job interviews and everything – even though I love my nails being oh so colorful and if I could I woul clearly run around like this for most of the time. Also just to confuse and irritate people hahahah


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