Day X+194-196 – Back to routine

07.03.2017 – Day X+194And with routine was meant: application writing and job interviews. The latter one I did today, the final talk before a final decison I suppose and I really have no idea how they are going to decide. The job includes a lot of technical tasks for the project manager, and as I never did those – or most of them- before, it is hard to judge…Afterwards spent a really nice evening with my boyfriend, it´s always like an oasis of warmth, relaxation and everything…so good…

08.03.2017 – Day X+195
Woke up early as my boyfriend had to get to work of course, so I right away joined him in leaving the house and made my way to the substitute skin doctor to grab a pack of anti-allergic pills then. What a hassle, cost me so much time but at least I am having those now. Also in the afternoon I searched for some more jobs, and also did sightseeing planning. At least a bit, because mostly I ended up cleaning my bathroom and also finally touched my cello again. What a feeling, especially since I managed to play some parts of “The Unforgiven” still 😀

09.03.2017 – Day X+196
Woke up, and I was rather fit. Didn´t last long, but that´s another story 😉 I did my grocery shopping for the coming week and again stayed nearly in my 15€ budget – but bought a pair of shoes because they were on sale and were price reduced by 75%. I paid 14€ for a great pair or sneakers, amazing catch! Afterwards I quickly bought two pinboards so that I was finally able to get my photo and press passes to the wall. Just took me nearly 3 years to get this done, shame on me. really.
And then there was a struggle – what to have for dinner. I had lost some weight, felt good and everything but at the same time was sick and tired of healthy stuff. So, and I gotta say it was a guilty pleasure, ordered a pizza. No such food anymore for the rest of the month now. Also not during out weekend trip. Or I need to move my ass more…After having written this up, I still plan on somehow getting my steps all done. This is the first goal for me every day.

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