Always on Sunday (33)

Alrighty, Sunday, in the best sense of the word – a sunny day, and having returned from a nice walk, I just sat down to write this entry – and here you go now!

// Done //
– A long walk (in the sunshine, feels soooooo good)
– A lot of sports (I am sooooo done)
– Application writing (you gotta love it…)
– Searching for a good cooking course (and becoming desperate)
– Cleaning, laundry, dishes, the usual (necessary evil)

// Eaten //
– Pizza
– Protein bars
– Loads of fruits
– Much shirataki noodles & spicy food in general

// Bought //
– Food (1 week = 20€)
– Pizza
– Protein bars
– Price reduced shoes
– 2 pinboards
– Mobile phone case
– First strawberries of the year ❤

// Listened to //
– Apocalyptica
– Sunrise Avenue
…all finnish musicians 😉

// Watched //
“Alles was zählt” – part 2641 already and I haven´t missed a single one, and really always need to catch up when having missed out on one episode. It is my way of fleeing from reality at least for a tiny bit xD

“Animal babies in Berlin Zoo” – watched this on Amazon Prime for breakfast on saturday together with my boyfriend…so cute – baby elephants and baby tigers and all this…all so heartwarming and I couldn´t get out of “aaaah” and “sooo cuuute”…

“Pirates of the Caribbean – On Stranger Tides” because my boyfriend hadn´t seen it yet and as the next PotC part is coming closer and I wanna watch it in the movies, it was good to have it on DVD. Not that I would´ve watched it already zillions of times and could talk along with the lines…

“Die Kochprofis  – Das Ristorante Bonaparte steht vor dem Aus” – sometimes it makes me wonder why people built a restaurant in an industrial area…I mean, what do they expect? There is noone coming there just for the food, let´s be totally realistic. Especially in the evening there is no single reason why anyone would go there, as there is no people working there anymore. Plus, why do not people then at least offer something outstanding and not the average menue…hopeless case for my taste.

// Read //
I read this article about children in Syria a while ago, and it covers the stress and stress symptoms that they show and how toxic stress shows and affects the children. And this topic is making things so…terrible to bear. I mean, these kids are so traumatized, and stressed out that even if from this second on there would be no war, no bombs, the symptom of this toxic stress would remain. And mostly remain for their whole lives – if it doesn´t leave bodily problems, then there is those struggles of the mind. Not any less bad and severe.

And then you have those assholes from safe countries where you hear “oh those young men, why don´t they stay, they should fight”. How can people just not imagine how this feels like. We freak out when we have a terror attack in some city of the country and those children live right in this hell. And…it hurts to read, and it hurts to face these facts and I so wish

// Played //
The same as usual, Stardeaw Valley again just as Planet Coaster – and I really don´t need anything else, still a lot to play with those 😉

// Thought //
That I am soon 6 months unenmployed. Sure, I did my 3 months school and certification course but nevertheless it makes you feel like this. Like a weak and unwanted part of the society and it is sad that people still need to feel like this or rather are made feel like this. It was always hard for me to understand how people like me feel when they´re unemployed for a while, but now I do. Unfortunately, I could really do without this experience as it makes it tougher and tougher for myself to really sell myself in application letters and job interviews. Because you´re always told you were not good enough for the the position you applied to, and if you heard that so often, at some point you start believing this.

// Happy about //
Cannot wait for the weekend trip and it just makes me happy to be planning everything even though it is sooo dfficult to not give my boyfriend too many hints that he figures out where he is going…so many sublime questions that kinda aim at me giving unplanned hints…but nope, so far I didn´t say anything and that makes me even happier. Also the fact that we will be away from daily business, away from Hamburg and just the two of us really is something I am looking forward to. Just the thoughts make me happy 😀

// Angry about //
People who always need to give their opinion on stuff. Someone commented on THIS VIDEO how there was physical and mental violence in this videos because of how the dad treats his kid and what not. And I really do NOT understand why on earth people judge. What reason do they have? None. They see a single video of a couple of minutes, they have no idea what had been going on before and what happened before and have no idea what the overall situation is been like. And alright, yes I also have an opinion on the whole matter- not the video itself (except the fact the dad should´ve simply locked the door, so noone could interrupt his interview, easiest way) but the whole “thing”.

I have no kids, and therefore no real experience in how to treat kids. I know that nowadays it is cruel to even look unhappily at a kid and it might be traumatized afterwards and what not. This is hilarious and from a certain age on, even a child can clearly understand a “no” and has to understand it and needs to be told and experience consequences of his/her acting. This is, for my taste, normal and essential when it comes to educate a kid and make it a proper and not useless part of our society. You do not need to be always the oh so gentle and everything person, but do not get me wrong – I am not okay with people beating their kids or whatnot, but it sickens me how nowadays it is psychological voilence if you push a kid away without looking at it. Come on people, in which softie world do you live? Face reality, this is not how things work, nor how life works.

// Wished for //
I really don´t know, more motivation to go outside and move more and…I don´t know. I maybe wished for a more positive attitude and more positive thoughts in regards of my job search. But this is all stuff I can change myself…I just need to do it. Somehow.

// Dreamt about //
Eating a full boy of sweets XD Currently all I can think about is sweets, so no surprise I even dreamt about it ;))

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