Day X+197-200 – Spring rolls in!

10.03.2017 – Day X+197
It was 5.30am when I got up, got dressed and then shortly before 6am left the house with my backpack full of sports clothing, water, a banane for the ride to the fitness studio (aka my pole/hoop studio)  and a bread for after the workout. Yes, you red it correctly. Workout. Sports. And that at 7am. Hell on earth time wise. And this workout really kills you. I have probably never been that exhausted after workout during the past years as I have been this morning. I was dead, but nevertheless did some quick food shopping and then went home and jumped into a hot bath. My muscles really needed this, but afterwards it was tough to get out again as my muscles were so badly stiff…kinda hilarious xD
In the evening my boyfriend then came around and we watched the last part of Pirates of the Caribbean and had some nice food 😀

11.03.2017 – Day X+198
After my boyfriend had left, I did…mostly a lazy day. Except for my stretching and flexibility work because this is something I need to do on a daily basis. And it really eased the pain coming from my stiff muscles, but the effect didn´t last too long so I decided to do another step and hopped into a hot bath again. I really don´t wanna see my water bill :/
In the evening I then worked again on sightseeing stuff and restaurant ideas for the weekend trip…going well though it´s quite a bit. At some point I was simply annoyed about everything and too lazy to do anything and then went to bed…good end of a lazy day to have my body recover.

12.03.2017 – Day X+199
Woke up from the rays of sun entering my apartment and quickly had some yoghurt, cereals and strawberries before I went for a long walk – the sunshine was just so inviting, only the wind (cold!) was pretty annoying, but that didn´t stop me. Afterwards it was all about writing application letters, my flexibility workout and finishing off some plans for the weekend trip.
And having noticed that I should´ve informed the job agency about my plans before booking. I really hope it will be okay and I get the ok tomorrow when I am gonna call them…that already freaks me out again and my stress is back. Says my skin.

13.03.2017 – Day X+200
Okay, I admit, this photo does not reflect my actual food today but I didn´t take any photos of it for a change…happens at times ^^ Got up early as I couldn´t sleep anymore since I had the fear in my head that the job agency might reject my “vacation request” but it all went fine, no problems there at all when I called them. Also I got another job interview in, this time for this Thursday even…busy times ahead 😉
Also I went for food shopping and was amazed how hilarious people are buying food – ripe bananas, still looking good and stuff – noone wants them, so they sell like 12 bananas for 79 cents. Perfect match as I needed ripe ones to bake my banana bread for the first time – if it is good, I will do that more often and try different recipes as there is tons of them floating around on the internet…

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