Day X+201-203 – Packing countdown

14.03.2017 – Day X+201
It was  late morning because yesterday had been a longer day, and I just couldn´t really out of bed at all. Happens at times. Slow morning, smoothie for breakfast at least to save some weight watchers points as I ad been eating at nighttime still…I am really struggling with my point budget, and the scale had shown that this morning and I nearly fell off my scale because of a shock…I hope this isn´t really happening…gaining 2kg in a week would be a “tad” too much o.O In the afternoon went for a long walk to burn a couple of calories…still didn´t move enough to make up for everything that I had as food…

15.03.2017 – Day X+202
You know those days where you wake up and you´re already grumpy? Yep, today´s been such a day and I really didn´t even try to deny that. No motivation, not feeling well, all tired and just wanted to curl up in bed even though the sun was shining. So I went out for a little walk and on purpose left my phone home because then I simply couldn´t permanently check emails for all of my job applications. DRives me crazy, and my body reacts to that aswell…

16.03.2017 – Day X+203
Got up, showered, crammed all of my things into a bag so that this was already ready prepared – even before I did have breakfast and then prepared for my job interview. Then I had my job interview, rushed there, had the talk – really, I stopped guessing how it went in the end – rushed back home, finalized stuff and then went to my boyfriend´s place.


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