Restaurant: Hoh & Hoh

Actually my boyfriend and I hadn´t planned to be going there that soon, but as our fave asian restaurant had closed down and thus the reservation had been cancelled, we had to look for something else.

And since I insisted on actually wanting something Asian for dinner, my boyfriend had a look and we chose this restaurant as it is rather close to his place. It surely had been awarded by Schlemmerblock and such, but I am not really into these kinds of awards, because they don´t mean a thing to me. It doesn´t mean that their taste is my taste, but I went there with an open mind and – I was not disappointed.

we were welcome with some plum liqueur and that one really was tasty. Like, seriously. And that comes from me, someone who rarely drinks alcohol anymore. It was a nice small treat for the start, and the service was charming and humorous all along during the evening.

The menue is one where some poeple would say “ooh typical Asian” but it really has its perks to say the least.

I ordered crispy duck with beef (right in image), and this was so amazingly tasting, also because the sauce that I was given added a nice extra flavor to it without really killing the taste of the meat itself and the veggies. Amazing. Oh and they serve rice alongside the dishes, so it´s not just the meat. My boyfriend had ordered the left one on the photo and it was some kind of chickne with a sweet-spicy sauce – and man this sauce, totally in love with this one! So those two dishes clearly receive not just one thumb up but even all that you can find!

A last liqueur when paying, some joking whilst paying – I really felt comfortable there, really welcome, a warm athmosphere and in the interior design of the restaurant was also really looking nice.

Conclusion? Clearly a “go there!” and probably our new choice in terms of Asian restaurants as our fave one closed down.

Fahrenort 125
22547 Hamburg



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