Movie: Musta Jää / Black Ice

Sometimes there is weird ways how you find out about movies and such, and this one is pretty much the best example. Because I got to know about this movie back when it was released because Apocalyptica´s Eicca Toppinen has been composing the music for it – including the title track called “Black Ice” (what a surprise, right?). Whilst I am totally in love with this album full of beautiful music that partially even made it onto Apocalyptica albums later on, it took me a while until I watched the movie for the first time.

Why? Because it is not that easy to find it legally when you are in Germany, when being located in Finland it is far easier, but anyways. Back then I watched it for the first time and really couldn´t make it in terms of finding a sense of it.

Anyways, before I get into detail in regards of my very own perception and some story telling, here´s the plot:

Saara is a middle-aged doctor who one day finds out that her architect-husband Leo is having an affair with a younger woman, Tuuli. Instead of revealing her true identity, Saara pretends to be someone else and makes friends with Tuuli. At the same time she is planning the best way to revenge her husband and his lover.
Source: IMDB

There seemingly is a totally dubbed German version, yet it really feels wong to have German language whilst the location could not be any less finnish, and the actors are Finnish and it feels simply wrong. So rather go for the Finnish version with English subtitles, it might make you feel less irritated somehow. And make it seem less hilarious, as this movie is anything but hilarious even though it is clearly containing (black) humor. But the main story simply isn´t funny.

Imagine you´re married and think things are going well but…you figure out it isnt´ as your husband cheats on you with a younger girl. You start researching, figure out she is a karate teacher and you get yourself a new identity (aka a new name and everything) and then start doing karate, and befriend her for the sake of getting to know her better so you can possibly find weaknesses and get rid off her. Sounds like a prolongued daily soap, doesn´t it? And to be fair, in many part it really feels like it, especially because it is so easy to foresee what will happen – or it is just me, having watched too many daily soaps so this way of thinking is too common to me. That wouldn´t surprise me either.

Anyways, I personally could never do that because if I knew my partner was cheating, I´d rip out the other woman´s eyes right away. Just being honest here, I dunnot think a “normal” person would invest so much time and effort to backstab that other woman. And totally forget to fight actually for the own husband – I mean, if all you do is investing time in that other bitch, you got no power and time left anymore for the person who in the end decides for one or the other. This whole kinda becomes clear when the woman´s husband dies after he races off, gets off the road and she tells him that since he is okay he can walk back home. Well, shit happens, he froze to death. For people not familiar with Finland and its temperatures in winter it might seem totally over the top, but believe me, this really is possible.

So that guy is gone, the girls start from new and whilst the former wife is rockingher life in the hospital , the other woman notices she is pregnant from the now dead man and due to unnice incidents, she falls down the stairs and is brought to hospital where the wife (working as gynaecologist) needs to take care of her and notices her even though she looks all different with changed hair color and colored contact lenses…

So you can kinda get an idea on the plot as such, but this is just one side of it. The actors and actresses really do well, especially because the two female main characters – so strong and good, thumbs up. The husband kinda…well he seems to be too much in the background, but maybe that is all intended, yet for me it seems somehow unrealistic.

And even though you might now think “oh she is all positive about the music because of that Apocalyptica dude” – let me get this straight. I enjoy this music as such, on the one hand. but on the other hand I also enjoy the music and how it is placed in the movie because I personally always enjoyed instrumentals to build up tension and make emotions and everything just seem/feel even stronger and this just works out perfectly well here.

Conclusion? I am not sure. It has an odd attraction that make me want to watch it again, though I really cannot put a finger on the reasons for that.


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