Always on Sunday (34)

As I have been away on the weekend and just arrived yesterday and had tons to do, I decided onr ather taking more time and publish it today, rather than rushing through it yesterday and writing it without hard and soul. But at the same time I do not wanna spoiler too much from my Toulouse trip, as I will be reporting on it in several upcoming blog posts!

// Done //
– Job interview
– Application writing
– Workouts
– Food shopping
– Travelling to Toulouse and back
– Sightseeing and going out in Toulouse

// Eaten //
– Pizza with guacamole (review will follow)
– Toulouse sausage (review will follow)
– Baguette – loads
– The best chocolate cake ever (review will follow)
– Entrecote (review will follow)
– Duck Burger (review will follow)

// Bought //
– Gâteau à la broche
– Food

// Listened to //
Even though it totally doesn´t match my mood or anything – I listened to Portishead with  “Mourning Air” as I heard it in the background of my fave series and simply needed to google it…

// Watched //
I watched quite some French TV on ski cross and ski freestyle and news and all of this, as it was kinda the most interesting part that you were able to watch on French TV during the time in Toulouse.
Besides this, the usual – my daily soaps, my documentaries…I really need to wtach some movies again in the evening instead of just watching crap TV xD

// Read //
Loads of things about Toulouse and its sights, its traditions, its special foods – especially the latter point was kinda fascinating 😉 But besides, I haven´t touched any kind of book or anything related…

// Played //
Nothing, because I simply didn´t really find the time for it. I need quite some time and the right mood for it, and that simply hadn´t come up unfortunately.
My time was consumed by writing applications and preparing the Toulouse weekend which was a good alternative ^^

// Thought //
How much I suck at keeping secrets in front of my boyfriend and how hard that is. I really had a hard time to keep it a secret where we are going for the weekend trip and in the end hilariously failed xD

// Happy about //
Being away from Hamburg, and having my boyfriend around me, discovering a new city, with new food and new people and everything. I alway enjoyed getting out of town, away from worries and all such – because a new place is a new state of mind, without thinking about what is waiting for me in Hamburg. I can just shrug stuff off when I am away and there is not this dark cloud hanging over me…

// Angry about //
The massive security controls at the airport in Toulouse not only when you enter France7Toulouse, but also when you want to get out of there. It is hilarious to have 2-4 people trying to cope with the amount of poeple from several planes that have landed. This shit really kills my will to return there until they figured out how to organize the whole thing. We´re in the EU, once we had open borders and had no need for such massive passport/ID checks. And now this. Makes me sick and angry.

// Wished for //
…better treatment by recruiters and those where you apply, go to job interviews to…you´re treated as if you were a begger asking for a euro at times, and this just makes me sad because it is just the wrong approach of how to treat people in general. And in the end those people want to find someone new for their team, so yeah…no words left.
Don´t get me wrong – most are really treating you well, but there is always others unfortunately that do things “differently”.

// Dreamt about //
…a lot lately I dreamt about being a tour manager and traveling the world. Maybe I still have a dream for my future, but it´s a hilarious one…


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