17.03.-20.03.2017 – Toulouse

Before starting – a little re-text or pre-info: I will be starting to edit the photos off this trip tonight, so I hope they´ll be done somewhen at the end of the week, beginning of next week. Also I´ll be reviewing and reporting on the great food we had in Toulouse, but this will also take some time, so keep checking in 🙂

An early morning to get to the airport, and I really dislike early mornings as I am never sleeping really well before traveling. It is somehow funny, as traveling is nothing new for me anymore, but probably still excites my brain a tad too much deep inside. Happens, and I am used to this, so I kinda caught up with sleep on the plane as much as I could. It was crazy how sunny it was already up over the clouds, and how warm – gave a first taste of what waited for us in Toulouse. Weather wise at least.

What I did not expect was the fact we needed to go through passport controls. I was really puzzled – and wondered if either Toulouse or Hamburg now isn´t part of the European Union anymore, and that we had set up strict borders with its controls again. I mean seriously, this is getting out of hand. It is nice to protect your country, but like this we´re soon back to old times where you needed a passport to travel. Ancient times feeling, and the fact that there were just like 4 booths with staff made the waiting time long and really pissed me off. If they cannot even handle the amount of ppl coming from one plane, they might want to think about the whole useless system of theirs.

Anyways, we then hopped onto the bus en route of our hotel (review will follow!), and got off a stop too early as the lady at the airport told us the wrong stop…ah well, 21°C, sunshine – it could be worse times to go for a walk, except for the suitcase we had to drag along. The hotel was nice and comfy, so we rested a bit and had a look at the maps we had received to see what we´ll be doing for the “rest” of the day. As there was quite some time left, we started our sightseeing rather early (and also bought a minimum supply of drinks, food and such for the hotel room), checked out some churches and such which I also photographed of course. On our way there we actually figured there was a market close to the Capitole, the main place of the city – full of regional goods, like beers, cheese, breads…really amazing to see and I will clearly be buying something from there!

After we had walked quite a bit, we were too exhausted to really check a lot for restaurants and decided on going to Duck´s Burger (burgers and such with regional duck meat) as this also was kinda on my list of fast food (don´t confuse it with trash food like certain other burger chain restaurants).

Breakfast time at the hotel after a fairly early morning, and first the buffet was not inviting because they were just in need of restocking so it got better pretty quickly. But at first I was annoyed, because having me hungry is not a good idea. Simply because I am used to have meals after certain amount of time due to my weightwatchers planning, and if I don´t get that…uffz. But yeah that was also teh point where I personally said goodbye to my weight watchers points counting because it wouldn´t make any sense for me and just destroy everything if I had to think about it all. And not knowing when I will get food for the next time made me have a massive breakfast, that put me straight into a foodcoma and not into walking mode 😉

But got up my ass anyways, and so the day started with loads of walking as Toulouse is a city where you can reach most things simply by foot – not only really a good thing when the weather is good, but also nicely burns calories and you don´t need to spend money on public transport.

So yeah, this place really has beautiful churches, and that amount of those – such a rather small place and so many of them. I was really stunned, and my feet were also stunned about the amount of walking you easily do in there. And time flew by, really crazy. And I personally never knew what to put on – winter jacket, hoodie, pullover, more of it, less…stressful. And my neck was a bit stiff from a combination of the camera and backpack carrying, as well as from the bed I was not used to. I felt really crippled, so we at some point took a break before we started for a second little round and also decided on grabbing a fresh baguette and some little pastries for the next morning to save on the breakfast and be more relaxed in the morning rather than needing to rush downstairs.

In the evening we then started checking for restaurants and where we could go, but I was so dead (I think I still got a sunburn, slight one, from yesterday and felt dizzy due to not drinking enough and so) and so were my feet, that we grabbed a pizza from a local and close by tiny pizza store. And I had pizza that had guacamole on it – sounds odd, doesn´t it? But it tasted amazing, though somehow odd. Titally didn´t regret the choice, and having food in bed also was quite the way how to end the day- with being lazy and watching winter sports on French TV.

I woke up, exhausted but happy we had decided on rather having baguette with marmelade instead of going downstairs and needing to look all neat and such. My feet weren´t all recovered yet still, kinda crazy. The weather was again not as warm as on Friday again, but still a very comfortable temperature.

But we had quite some stuff to still check out, as many things were also open on Sunday – such as the churches or the water power station. Especially the latter one was really interesting for me, I mean, being close to the water is always been something sweet for me, and accompanied with the little museum they had there, it was really nice. I had to take more breaks from walking, as also my back started hurting again, and again and again…it was really annoying, but my body really showed me how much it was missing my flexibility workouts and my own bed.

In the evening we then were again on the hunt for a restaurant – and this time we did want to go to a proper restaurant with a proper menu. And finding one that was open on this Sunday, and not totally overpriced, nor totally far away, was not easy. But in the end we found a restaurant that wasn´t far away and sounded really good – and also had great reviews on the internet. And to be honest, we were totally not disappointed, it was a great menu for a great price, and it´s been a massive dinner. We kinda rolled back home when we came across this baguette vending machine on the street…and it really couldn´t have been any more clichée than this. Okay, maybe if there had been a cheese and wine vending machine next to it…

Lazy morning as we decided not to go and have breafast at the hotel – rather we´d be sleeping longer and then grab something on the go or so. And this is also what I did at the airport, as I simply am used to have any kind of breakfast. And instead of some sandwich or baguette, I chose some pasta salad – I really had to get something light and everything.

The flight I spent sleeping again – headphones on, and then the flight was mostly done. Luckily. Then rushed to my boyfriend´s place, quick stop to really pack my stuff into my bag, and then go home, do grocery shopping and then finally have a relaxing hot bath. So good to be back home even though it´s been a great trip. my muscles were happy about the hot bath and I was looking forward to some healthy and light meals!

But on the other hand it´s been a weird feeling to be back home, alone, eat alone, not have anyone to talk with, tu curl up next to in bed…

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