Restaurant: Duck me

Yes, it´s a funny name and that´s how it all started basically. I had been looking for restaurants of all kinds for our time in Toulouse, and as this city seems to be the capital of any kind of duck dishes, it didn´t really surprise to come across this fast food restaurant (please mind the difference between trash food like certain burger chains and this food) and was surprised as people on Tripadvisor really rated it high.

Usually I really try to eat local food, but sometimes extraordinary things that might not be totally typical local food catch my eye and then I gotta check it out. And that´s also what my boyfriend and I did.

I ordered the duck burger with fries and a coke. And before talking about the food, I gotta talk about the coca cola – jeeez it is sweet here in France, it really brings you close to a sugar shock. But that´s just me maybe.
The fries were accompanied with ketchup and some special mayonese that tasted a tad like mustard. Really fascinating, really. And in a positive way. And the fries were really nicely done and freakin tasty, I loved them. especially together with the mayonese. Only thing missing was anything like a tiny fork or so as some fries were really tine and hard to grab.

The burger has an interesting bun, it really tasted a lot different to what you´re used from chain restaurants. I loved it, really. Less sesame, luckily, as I have never been a fan of that, but for others it might be lacking. The duck patty was really nie, too – especially because it had just the right doneness, I was fully happy. And what makes it even better – the ducks aren´t from whatever country, but from the area. And this is just cool!

Only downside maybe was the price, as the menu cost 10€. But looking at what you pay in other fastfood restaurants, you shouldn´t be complaining much. And for fast food this really was a “go to” – so if you´re in Toulouse and need a quick grab of good food, go to “Duck me” – not only the conceot is kinda adorable 😀

10 Rue de la Pomme
31000 Toulouse



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