Always on Sunday (35)

I feel like I´ve been writing such a summary on the week just a day ago or so, time flies by as I am rather busy with everything that I have on my desk, ranging from editing photos, over to the whole job search and sports…keeps me nicely occupied 😀

// Done //
– Job interview
– Phone job interview
– Workouts
– Silk & Hammock try-out lessons
– Photo editing
– Application writing
– Preparing red cabbage
– Photo editing

// Eaten //
– Self-prepared red cabbage
– Quite some meat
– Salad
– No junk food anymore

// Bought //
– Tryout lessons
– Food
– Wrist support for the computer mouse

// Listened to //
A lot of Apocalyptica, Placebo and HIM – you might think I feel totally depressed, because of the music, but no, not at all. I just enjoy the music for now, without any particular reason for a change.

// Watched //
“Alles was zählt” – my daily routine, because I must not miss out on any episode at all…my daily bit of fleeing from reality a bit 😉 The teenage girl always comes out then 😀

Documentaries about animals, also again the ones on baby animals from Berlin Zoo because it´s simply sooo adorable you just need to keep on watching 😀

// Read //
Shame on me, still I haven´t started my book. One day, you know, one day. Bot instead I was reading again articles from National Geographic, just as this article about monkeys who kept a man alive who had gotten lost in the Amazon area…quite interesting read 😀 I really enjoy those articles from National Graphics, the newspapers always just bring up bad news, and here you can at least read a bit about the miracles and positively surprising  stories.

But also I read this article, well no, it is actually a letter of a mum with a cancer sick child, a letter directed at the parents of those kids, that are not vaccinated – it´s a really important topic, that´s also often in the media. I personally will never understand people who talk bullshit about vaccinations, as they might have side effects (sure) but the benefits are so much higher and so much more essential that it is unbelievable that some parents risk their children´s lives as they cannot decide on such things yet at a young age…

// Played //
Some bubble shooters and such, somehow I couldn´t really focus on anything else for longer than a few minutes…I have my “not willing to do anything”-phase I guess…

// Thought //
…at times too much as usual. Especially when it comes to reflecting my bad feeling about certain life situations onto other parts of my life, that´s kinda like poisoning everything. But as I am working on it, and am aware of this annoying behaviour, it can only get better.  

// Happy about //
Still about the Toulouse trip, and all the nice photos that I took (and now need to edit, urghs) and the more and more good weather. Even though it comes with allergies. Besides this, all I need for being a 100% happy is a new job, as my relationship is all good, and I might not be losing weight right now but am feeling quite well in my body in comparison to before…

// Angry about //
People not keeping their self-set deadline, aka if you tell me you will contact me this week, then do it unless you wanna get me pissed. it is fine if you don´t do it but give me a reason during this week why things don´t work out like this. Fine. But not like this. I am not a human second class that you can make wait, no, sorry. No interest anymore in any kind of contact or whatsoever.

// Wished for //
Being able to flee again from Hamburg…or to start practicing hoop again. I really miss the work with the hoop, it always had been so mind-easing and making it possible for me to turn off the mind and kill annoying thoughts…

// Dreamt about //
All creepy stuff, an odd mix of nightmares that somehow were so over the top, that they nearly were funny again when looking back. Usually it doesn´t really kill my sleep either, so it´s still okay 😉


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