Testing Lesson: Aerial Hammock

Let´s face it right from the start – a heavy workout on Friday and then on Saturday right away testing lessons has been a challenge and maybe not the best idea. But giving in is not my style, so I gave full power right from the start.

And Aerial Hammock was the first one on the table and I was really curious because to be honest – I have never seen a class with the hammock, and before I started working out at this studio, a hammock was smething to lay down in and to relax somewhere. And not to do acrobatics in there.

The warmup was just slightly different to what I am used to from my Hoop classes, so that has not been much of a surprise but getting back into it was a challenge somehow, especially with the aching muscles the stretching and flexibility work was tough.

And then the lesson started with a few basics tipps and then the first move…I know the move itself from Hoop, but with the Hammock…nope, I always did it too slow, and then just got stuck and it hurt heavily on my legs…I somehow couldn´t coordinate the whole, hopeless case.

Some more moves, like the roll forward after having been hanging in the hammock was going rather well – but of course when I had to show it to my teacher it didn´t want to work…but once she didn´t watch anymore, it worked nicely again. But it felt really insecure, as I am used to the stability of the hoop to hold on to, but the fabrics just is wobbly and yeah…

One move worked really well, because I started loving it already when doing

it on the hoop…but you know what I noticed all along? That after my left arm injury, I somehow lack the trust in my muscles and am still afraid it might get screwed again…

But even if my arm would have been all great and everything, I noticed that Hammock clearly will not become my number one as I felt more comfy with the hoop already during the testing lesson and even more after the first course. But if I had to choose a second aerial course after Hoop, it would be Hammock.


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