Day X+212-216 – All I wanna do is eat

25.03.2017 – Day X+212
My boyfriend and I left together after a light breakfast, as I had to go to the pole dance center for my two test lessons in Aerial Hammock and Aerial Silk, both today. And that with stiff and aching muscles already before. The hammock lesson I survived rather well, even though I noticed that after my overstretched left arm, I don´t really trust it just yet again that it can carry my weight and support me. So I was really wondering if I should do the Silk course at all, but as I would´vehad to pay it anyways I gave it a try. Body-wise I was all okay until the stretching at the end of the lesson where I kinda re-killed my shoulder and was hardly able to move. Rets of the day was a hot bath and not moving at all anymore xD

26.03.2017 – Day X+213
My full body was still aching, well, no surprise actually because of my two test lessons yesterday…I was hardly able to move, so I kinda decided to be staying on the couch and in front of the computer, searching for and watching series and all this…I felt crippled and exhausted, I really knew that I could simply not do any workouts or related today.

27.03.2017 – Day X+214
Phone job interview, and then…what did I do then? Oh yeah, due to great weather I thought it´d be a great idea to grab the bike and hand in my tax return papers. Just to arrive there after 5.5km one way to notice it is closed and there is a construction site and then figure out they do not even are located there anymore. Great thing, and i forced myself through this ugly area instead of having a nice bike to the lake, around the lake and back…I was so pissed, but at least on the way back I was able to get the anti-allergic pills that I needed…at least something.

28.03.2017 – Day X+215
Still fighting against the thought of anting to fly to the US for my birthday to see Apocalyptica play there, but I am kinda over it – instead I decided to not sell my ticket for seeing Franky Perez perform in Frankfurt and booked my trains and hotel instead. It is no replacement, but I need something to keep my spirits up and I am really looking forward to it. A day out of Hamburg again, seeing great people again and good music I hope, too 😉
In the evening then it was time for me to spend my time with my boyfriend, a good evening, I really am in need to warmth and everything right now…

29.03.2017 – Day X+216
Got up with my boyfriend together and then went home, did quick shopping for some food supplies that I still needed for the coming days and then first curled up on the couch and watched some TV because I didn´t feel too well. But afterwards I was back to writing applications again because well, I need a new job and well…no can do.

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