Always on Sunday (36)

A sunny week is coming to its end, and so have some thoughts on the week noted down 😉

// Done //
– Job interview with a service that kinda connects you with possible employers
– Job phone interview – and I still really do not like those at all, still feels really tugh to present myself as well as in a face to face interview
– Waiting for companies to come back to me though they already had promised to do this a while ago and feeling like a person of second class
– Writing application letters
– Attending soccer match and seeing my team fail
– Curl up in bed because of stomach pains and miss out on my sports course
– Spend sweet time with my boyfriend
– Biking
– Getting more and more down in my split-tries

// Eaten //
– Chocolate ice cream
– Too many sweets
– A lot of veggies and the usual that mostly kept me in my weight watchers points

// Bought //
House score related stuff
– Food
– Make-up (yes, sometimes I even need to invest money in THAT)
– Train and flight tickets for concerts
– Hotel booking

// Listened to //
– Ganaim
– Versengold
– Apocalyptica

// Watched //
– Die Kochprofis
– still enjoying stuff about cooking, and especially watching people be so miserably untalented and nevertheless opening a restaurant and then wondering why the pretty much fail – I will really never understand it
– You are wanted (series) – A German series, yet an Amazon Original – really odd combination and even though I like Matthias Schweighöfer I so far had ignored Amazon Prime suggesting me the series, I now had to check it out and in the end did watch all of the episodes (6 only, unfortunately) in one go. Really enjoyed it, though it´s kinda classically clichée style in regards of action stuff and such…
– Alles was zählt (series) – My daily dose of cheesiness and all this, but I feel that I am less and less into it and it doesn´t hurt anymore if I miss an episode. Maybe I started growing out of the whole thing, would be about time looking at the fact I am turning 28 this year o.O
– Documentary on people building houses and struggling – It is really fascinating how people do calculate when building  ahouse and none of them probably ever thought about adding a “risky amount” on top of what the calculated because there is alwas stuff going wrong, but no. Tight, tighter, tightest budget but then go for it, be stressed out and wonder why you are really doing all of this. Hilarious. Plus I really wonder why they always needed so many additional bedrooms – what are they planning in regards of kids or visitors? o.O

// Read //
This article is in German and kinda is about being honest to applicants for a job in regards of never really stating the possible salary for the advertised job. It is hilarious that employers always request information on what the applicant has in mind when it comes to their salary, without really giving any info on their expectations and info on what they can offer. Have a read here, it´s quite a nice “report”.

// Played //
Nothing because with the mostly nice weather I preferred to go outside and if I didn´t do so, I was too lazy to do anything to be fully honest ^^

// Thought //
Anxieties and worries about my future  – the longer I am unemployed and treated like a human second class, the more I wonder if I will manage to find my way back. Wonder if I will manage to actually survuve the trial time of a new job because of the permanent fear that I might not succeed and lose the job again…I fear that I will be stuck in a devil´s circle…sigh.

// Happy about //
The weather (and at the same time hating it, because of all the allergies) and my boyfriend – that´s it.

// Angry about //
Me not being motivated enough to be sewing again and keeping up with playing cello, and instead I sit here and watch stupid series and all of this shit…

// Wished for //
Good news in my job search, alternatively finding a million euros on the streets or winning that money. Dunnot, something that brings my life back to last year summer where it was ultimatively perfect somehow, at least when looking back.

// Dreamt about //
My unemployment, being injured, all weird stuff mixed all together.

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