Day X+217-221 – Sun, pain and sports

30.03.2017 – Day X+217
Not my day, stomach pains and a job interview that I had to get through – and once I was back home I was happy to be able to curl up on the couch, with a tea and a hot water bottle…I felt crappy and really was really frustrated because being used to working out every day and simply wasn´t able to…

31.03.2017 – Day X+218
Another sunny day, and a world full of pollen…oh the beautiful springtime, but at least I managed a little walk to ease the stomach pain – and then in the afternoon when going to my boyfriend, we walked from work to the supermarket and that was quite a distance…I was really exhausted afterwards, but at least had burnt some nice calories as I did not attend my workout this morning because I really had stomach cramps and I felt so crappy…no chance. The evening was lovely, relaxed, funny…

01.04.2017 – Day X+219
April´s joke…yeah, that´s what I thought when I was at the soccer match HSV versus Cologne and my team once again lost the match. How is that even possible, that I seemingly just bring bad luck when I am at the stadium. Really had enough for the next times, in the past I´ve seen Cologne often enough lose their matches, so…Then had to walk to the train station in between slowly walkign fans, being crammed into a train where breathing was impossible because the air condition didn´t work and there were no windows we could have opened. Awful. I was totally done once I wa shome and really grumpy, after I had a great (yet lazy) mood when waking up next to my boyfriend in the morning…

02.04.2017 – Day X+220
Slept long and felt quite lazy again, but already before breakfats I did my stretching routine again, and then later on was biking for 11km – it was cold, warm, sunny, cloudy, wind from the front…it was between summer and early spring temperatures, sweating, freezing…but it was nice anyways. Afterwards I didn´t really do anything anymore, except for baking Tarte Flambee for dinner and for the coming day…and then watching series and fighting itching eyes from my allergies…

03.04.2017 – Day X+221
Fed up, and grumpy. I don´t know why I am even still trying with applications, when even after well-working talks I get a “sorry, we have someone better” whilst others get approached and approached by recruiters again and again. Yay, person second class. Sick of it all. Such stuff more and more ruins my days when I get another “no”.  Rets of the day I spent with food shopping and yeah…watching series.

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