Restaurant: Winter City

 Let´s start with the entree, served first. I chose a salad with mozzarella stick and was a tad irritated about the beetroot pieces on it. Somehow I always connect negative tastes with this veggie, and was kinda taught differently this time because it nicely matched the rest of the salad that also had some slightly sweet vinegar or similar. Really good, thumbs up! Also the mozzarella sticks tasted good and clearly were selfmade as you tasted different and interesting herbs in them…was a nice starter, also the offered bread was quite good. Couldn´t have started any better!

My boyfriend´s salad was pretty much the same basic salad, also with beet root, but he had serrano ham on top of it and this ham was really one of the best ones that I had so far. Nice and salty, but yet not too salty and the combination of the rather sweet-ish salad with the salty touch of the ham – nice contrast, needless to say!

To be honest, I was really wondering what was coming next and also how much it would
I had ordered an entrecote with gratin of the house with a honey sauce. Especially the sauce made me skeptical when I ordered it, but I wanted to try something new and this was the time – and the time was damned right!

The meat was just right and how I wanted it and in combination with they honey sauce – oh boy, what a foodporn! And this gratin…I wanted to dive into it and never stop eating anymore…just too good!

My boyfriend also had the gratin with honey sauce, but instead the Toulouse sausages, really traditional sausages you just get in the region. And they tasted really strong and intense, but in a really positive way – I was surprised I enjoyed the taste a lot, and clearly can just recommend everyone to try it. Especially with the honey sauce it was a good combination,  another perfect match!

And no, this wasn´t the end yet – my personal highlight was still yet to come. It´s the dessert, an ultimate bomb of chocolate, the “Moelleux au chocolate” – it is like a lava chocolate cake but clearly had been beating all of chocolate cakes or similar that I had so far.

8 Rue Maury
31000 Toulouse



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