Day X+222-224 – No internet & much time

Funtimes – as I had been writing this entry yesterday, seemingly my internet had blacked out and didn´t save all that had been written already – yes, I am again struggling with 1und1, and it´s annoying as f*ck.

04.04.2017 – Day X+222
Tuesday already…weird that I do not have any job interview this week. On one hand relaxing, yet on the other it feels odd if I do not get my weekly dose of 2 interviews…but next week at least one ^^ And in the meantime I can “happily” write more applications – there is enough jobs published…and I decided on going to the medieval market in Cologne due to Faey, looking forward to it a lot!

05.04.2017 – Day X+223
Back home from my bf´s place and as my internet was bitching, I decided on cleaning my apartment, which is a good thing somehow because I finally got the motivation for it. Motivation and me, this doesn´t happen often lately, all I want is sleep…but still, I get shit done at last. And I have found a nice new series, thus I spent (too) much time in front of the computer – but at least it´s relaxing for in between writing applications and searching jobs.

06.04.2017 – Day X+224
So yeah, in the morning I warmed up my frozen raspberries on the heater as I have no microwave….you gotta be creative. Then fighting a fight with 1und1 as my internet and phone connection was pretty much non-existant – I hate the ignorance of this company. But all I want for now is that they fix my connection because I wanted to watch series…ah well, this is my luck. The rest of the day was cleaning, packing and trying to cure my hurting right shoulder as I probably have been fighting something during nighttime that killed it…


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