Testing Lesson: Aerial Silk

The second lesson this day (as the Aerial Silk on was also on this Saturday) I already started with the worries about my left arm, trust issues, great thing. But I thought I would give it a try anyways, as I had to pay for it since it would´ve been too late to cancel. And at the start I was actually confident that it would be working good, but…I was totally wrong.

We started with yet another warm-up session that already brought me to my limits, as my muscles really struggled and started shaking already then. Was kinda hilarious to realize how much my body was done already.

Swinging back to get up and in position

The first move we did was probably the one that was easiest on me, because I had learned to overcome my fears when it comes to any kind of roll forward or backwards, but swinging upwards to then get into the position that you can see on the photo, was not as easy.

But what followed then was learning how to make a knot with the Silk and I really noticed that making a damned knot, no matter how simple it looked with my teacher, was quite a challenge for me. my feet aren´t made for that maybe, and coordinating feet and legs were just…I rather managed a knot in my legs instead of a knot in the fabrics. Somehow this didn´t work in like 90% of the times, and I was really frustrated and running out of energy.

Being exhausted and trying to do all of this was an ultimate challenge, and one I more and more gave up because I felt how my muscles started cramping and in the end I just quickly did that one move for the photo.

Conclusion? Easy. Even less my cup of tea than Aerial Hammock is. Too much sliding, too wobbly fabrics and everything…I cannot coordinate things like this hahaha


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