Always on Sunday (37)

A sunny week is coming to its end, and so have some thoughts on the week noted down 😉 Been a busy weekend, so this is why this is blog is coming so late…

// Done //
– Writing applications and enjoying a week without job interviews
– Loads of flexibility workout and filling my fitbit with steps as I always reached my whole Weight Watchers points and invested it all in food :S
– Biking – as much as my eyes had allowed e to before itching as hell due to allergies
– Seen Franky Perez with Steve Stevens in Frankfurt – it was a great show! And clearly something that I will enjoy looking back to!
– Struggled with internet issues and my stupid arrogant asshole internet provider thinking they could treat me like an idiot – just sucks that I do know certain things…

// Eaten //
– Asian takeaway
– Chicken in all kinds and shapes
– Loads of pine apple
– McDonalds and I really do feel guilty as fuck

// Bought //
– Some not dangerous stuff to support my weightloss
– Normal food
– A baking shape for my bread

// Listened to //
– Apocalyptica
– Franky Perez
– all the stuff that Gus G played at the Frankfurt show, as well as the songs that Steve Stevens did

// Watched //
– Shameless
– my new addiction, it´s a really cool series about a chaotic family. Full of dark humor, and everything…I cannot stop watching it, so I spent pretty much all of my freetime with Amazon Prime Video…
– Grand Designs on Netflix – these crazy house building ideas, alwaysfascinating. And something to learn from – how not to do stuff ^^

// Read //
Nothing. Seriously. I tried continuing my book which I will try again during the coming week, but for this week I failed. Didn´t read the news, nor any articles online because somehow I am fed up with all the bad news on terrble things going on – I need a break from all this negativity shit.

// Played //
Setting up my amusement park again together with my boyfriend, and that was it pretty much – too busy, and not finding really the time to sit down and just focus on one single thing at a time…and it is most fun when playing it together, as usual – you can laugh together ^^

// Thought //
It is funny that I saw guitarist Gus G already before, seemingly with Ozzy Osbourne, at Sauna Open Air back in the days but really cannot remember shit of it anymore. Really frustrating, because I missed out on a great guitar player and solos and shit, and now I saw him again at least. And was really impressed. Seriously.

// Happy about //
Having seen Franky Perez on stage again – it felt good to hear his voice again, see him perform, all the energy on stage and everything…and happy to see how he was enjoying the performing and everything. It made me smile. It´s been too long that I had seen them on stage the last time, and lord knows how long it´s gonna take until the next time…

// Angry about //
I´ve surely been angry about just something during the week, but right now I really cannot remember anything anymore – which is probably a first time and is not gonna happen again any time soon.

// Wished for //
The usual, a job, more money, less depression – and having the time to chat with Franky. Been too long. And maybe a photo with Gus G (nope, not fangirling at all…)…

// Dreamt about //
Many odd things covering many bands from my past and…so weird why this is all coming up right now, I have no clue why. And it is neither full nor new moon…so this cannot cause all the odd dreams…maybe I need a break from…something. Music? Hahaha lord knows, no idea.


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