Day X+229-231 – It´s not all sunshine

11.04.2017 – Day X+229
I have annoyed myself with my moodswings, but at least today feels better again…not that I am motivated to do anything, but not wanting to kill someone or curl up cring in bed is quite an improvement as I would call it 😉 I did house scores and stuff like this, and then already had to go and pick up my by from work and made the mistake to hang out at the office for a few minutes – resulted in odd and creepy dreams at nighttime again. I always ignore the fact what effects it comes with…The rest of the evening was nice and relaxing, just what we both needed…

12.04.2017 – Day X+230
Waking up to such a warmish-wet weather is just…unnice. And if you´re in bed with someone you love, it gets even less attractive to get up and go outside. But no choice there, so I did what I had to do and was happy once I was home. Sneezing and somehow feeling under the weather, I spent the day with the usual stuff – series, a little stretching, application writing, cooking, and such stuff…nothing too fancy, nor exciting I suppose. And I am not getting started on changed plans for Easter as I am currently too pissed to even put things into words.

13.04.2017 – Day X+231
I had the idea of spending the Easter days with sewing as I am now having like 1,5 days unplanned time, and thus had to go and find some fabrics for my current project. Easier said and done, but I succeeded. Just took me more than an hour to get to that store and the same back, including some disgusting rain and disgusting weather as a whole. And all that didn´t really cheer up my mood, it is and remains crappy and I feel like it´s not gonna improve any time soon. Some things just disappoint me and require time to think about…and time to get rid off anger. Ah well, but no can do, instead of making the best out of it and keep myself busy.


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