Sewing: Short Dress

Size: XL (longer than initial pattern)
Fabrics: Summerfleece (
Pattern: Tunic / Schneidern-Nähen
Instructions: Written & with pictures
Time needed: ~6.5 hours

Well, we all have these projects that start as one thing and end up as something else – at least that´s become nothing uncommon for me when sewing, and this short dress clearly is fitting into this category.

I started off with making the initial pattern longer, because I wanted to have it at a comfy length. All good and fine, started cutting the pieces and putting them together as they were supposed and when trying it on for the first time I wondered who on earth ever could have such tiny thin arms as the pattern insisted. That clearly was not possible at all, and as I lost my nerves I kinda ditched the project for quite a while unfortunately.

Then searched for ways how to make it wider, and all the cutting, applying, sewing one more thing it really did cost me quite some time and will, but all of a sudden things went really smooth, and within two hours I managed to add the widening parts and finish it all off.

And then I looked at the mirror and was like “fuck, I look like…a ghost. Just in black. And fat and…” – so I had to sew a little belt to match my little dress (bye bye tunic, you looked like shit) and you have no idea how happy I was when this finally was all done!


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