Always on Sunday (38)

This Sunday has somehow passed by so quickly that I couldn´t even figure it out because…man where did the day go? I was busy and tired at the same time, that I started the blog entry at lunch time – and didn´t get it all done until just now. Between walks, and sports and everything, time slipped through my fingers 😉

// Done //
– Job interview and writing applications, as well as coordinating coming job interviews
– Working out and trying to really get back on track with Weight Watchers and getting my body into a proper shape – and that´s harder than I thought somehow
– Baking bread and banana bread
– Received my electric mini grill and did a first little barbecue in my kitchen with marinated meat nd fell in love with it
– Sewing – finally again and it feels goot to be back on it!
– A lot of walks, no matter if rainy or not

// Eaten //
– Banana bread, selfmade – same for self-baked normal bread
– Casserole and even normal pasta
– Probably too much meat
– CHocolate ice cream, oh how I missed it

// Bought //
– Nothing special, just the usual stuff one needs for surviving 😉

// Listened to //
– Gus G and James Paul Luna playing an acoustic set
– Faey

// Watched //
– Shameless
– I finished off this series as only the first 5 seasons of it are freely available on Amazon Prime – and now I am desperate because I really got used to watching it every day and seriously got hooked on it and then booom, two seasons remaining, but I would need to pay for it…damnit!
– Die Kochprofis – always makes me shudder and shake my head and at the same time wonder if I should probably open a restaurant or similar, because I could top the level presented there. What is actually a pity is, that one of the chefs that has been there for ages left the show and now is replaced by changing other great chefs…it is like an essential part is gone missing, feels weird somehow. But let´s see how things will be developing over time.

// Read //
Already earlier on I had read an article about the restoration of the “Tomb of Christ” with its church around and even though I am totally not religious or anything, I find it kinda fascinating. The building itself, and the believe that Jesus would be buried down there…okay, I have a smirk on my face when I even wrte this because I don´t even think this is the place, but that´s just un-religious me. Furthermore I don´t even think it brings you closer to God if you kneel down in front of some tomb where he is believed to be buried. Anyways, that´s not really why I am writing about this, but it seems like during the restoration, they are facing some problems and even there is the risk of it all falling into pieces as it is built on not so stable grounds, read about it **here**

// Played //
Planet Coaster again, it is like my substitute for not being able to hop onto rollercoasters again unless I wanna risk my neck and shoulders being all fucked up again…at least I think that this is the reason why I am partially playing so much with this game…

// Thought //
That I really need to expand my job search more onto the surrounding cities as well, no matter how much I enjoy Hamburg and its people, I have to find a job and either communte or find a different solution. But I really need and want a damned job, it´s more and more getting me frustrated and permanently upset. And this is not how I want to be, and probably also not how the people around me want me to be.

// Happy about //
Having my anti-allergic pills, because without them I´d have to lock myself up in m apartment, not go outside and not even open the windows…I am really happy that my skin-doctor didn´t have any problems in giving me a new pack of those pills back then, they really save me even though I still do have my problems with itchy eyes and such, but I can handle that without a problem.

// Angry about //
The fact that my flexibility work is stagnating, no improvements to be see at all and this just drives me nuts as I am doing it more or less 5 days a week for 40-50minutes each time. At the start a lot of progress was visible immediately but now…nothing. It rather feels like I am doing steps backwards and I have no idea why.

// Wished for //
Proper sunny spring weather to be back, but maybe without all the pollen shit because…allergies. But april weather really kills my nerves, going for walks has become nearly impossible because you never know if you will get soaked the next second…this is no fun anymore, especially because I have to get my steps done and need good weather. So yeah, good weather and the usual like no allergies, a job and such…

// Dreamt about //
Nothing in particular, odd dreams, stuff I can hardly remember when waking up…maybe it is better that way – and I really think it is if my brain leaves me alone 😉

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