Day X+232-235 – Rainy Easter

14.04.2017 – Day X+232
So yesterday I spent a part of the night sewing, and today I rather got up late and felt lazy because …reasons 😉 But I did do quite a share of cleaning and some more sewing preparations for my next project, and all this daily business…including waiting for good weather to actually get my daily 11.000 Steps done which lately has become a challenge due to the weather… but there is always series and food, you know ;))

15.04.2017 – Day X+233
Rainy day oh rainy day…i hate it, because it makes it so tough for me to really fulfill my daily step goal…but as I had to hop into the grocery store and to the post box anyways, I combined one of the few not-wet times of the day – always worried that it might start raining cats and dogs any moment again. But I was lucky. But then at the store it rained coffee when some idiot ran into me and poured his hot coffee over me. But anyways, the day was full of ups and downs, but the late afternoon and evening was really lovely – amazing food, and the second part of “Alice in Wonderland” on DVD – and once not counting WeightWatchers points for the evening…felt good.

16.04.2017 – Day X+234
I woke up and had plans…and all of a sudden time started to rush by and before I noticed it was evening again – and I didn´t do many of the things I had planned to do. Simply because house scores and needing to go for walks to reach my 11.000 steps a day ate most of the time, and in the end I didn´t even touch the sewing machine but just finished transferring the shape of a dress onto paper…in the evening I then noticed that I didn´t have any bread and decided to “quickly” bake some bread and in the meantime did the rest of my workout programme for the day.

17.04.2017 – Day X+235
Got up, and it was lunchtime already because I simply enjoy sleeping so much – at like 9am I was fit but just wanted to relax a few more minutes in bed and then it was 12 all of a sudden…and then rushed to get house scores done and pack for my time at my boyfriend´s place…oh and I did the mistake to check my weight and that really got me frustrated because I have no idea what I am doing wrong that I simply don´t get any weight down…


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