Day X+236-238 – Interviews and April´s weather

18.04.2017 – Day X+236
A full day with my boyfriend, with playing card games, video games, laughing, being lazy and simply enjoying the time when both of us are actually relaxed. And in the evening we wanted to go out for dinner, but the restaurant we had picked was closing early – at least we noticed in last second when we wanted to start going there. In the end we ended up at our fave Greek restaurant again – and it was so tasty again…in the evening then my throat started aching, and I really hope it´s just been caused by not drinking enough today…

19.04.2017 – Day X+237
A day that ran by and was busy as hell – Got up, breakfast, quick shower, getting ready for job interview, bus rides to the company, an hour of job interview, then rides back. 20min at home before going to physiotherapy where I need an hour there and an hour back, and the half an hour of therapy, then food shopping and then home. And then it was already 8pm and the day over. Quick dinner, and relaxing hot bath before dropping into bed to be in shape for another job interview tomorrow.

20.04.2017 – Day X+238
Woke up at 8ish in the morning and couldn´t fall asleep anymore so I did read a few pages before slowly getting ready for my job interview at around lunch time – and so far this job really belongs to those jobs where I would really LOVE to get the job a 100% but I am keeping my hopes down to not be disappointed in the end as I had been in the past already.  Afterwards quickly made a trip to the post office to send out a parcel, and in the evening then went to pick up two parcels from the dhl parcel station…at least they brought it there, and as I still had to fill my steps count anyways…but in general I am really feeling worn out and am pretty much tired for most times…maybe it is just the weather driving me insane, but we will see…


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