Series: Grand Designs

As my boyfriend and I are always on the hung for series to watch on Netflix, we also came across this one and – jokingly at first – started watching a first episode, but then kinda enjoyed it enough to keep watching all that you were able to watch on netflix.

Spoiler: not all episodes that actually exist are on there, but who knows, maybe they´ll be adding more with the time.

But now, let´s di into the content!

Episodes generally follow a regular format, with small variations depending on the progress of the build. At the beginning of an episode, McCloud meets the clients embarking on the project; he visits the site with them, and discusses the plans for the building. A computer visualisation or computer-aided design view of the intended project is shown.

And often already then you can notice that the ideas of house design are really big and vibrant, crazy and innovative – and the knowledge about what these ideas might cost them in the end are rather badly guessed. Already then I had quite a few laughs usually, because I would never choose approaches how many of those people do, but hey, I also haven´t decided on building a house (yet).

Once ground work commences, he visits the site periodically, following the build progress, noting any changes, hitches or delays; the build frequently runs over budget and completes later than scheduled.

And actually it is pretty much fun to guess how much of a delay they will be having or how much they get ove rtheir budget – I know it´s a cruel thing to do, but it´s just too inviting to not do this. Especially when they start killing their budget already during the first two months of building but are not willing to cut down on other parts of the house, it´s time for yet anotehr session of laughing an shaking your head – but it remains really entertaining throughout the whole process.

He visits again once the building is then made watertight, and the first and second fixes have commenced. He makes a final visit to the site in its finished or near-finished state, once the occupants have moved in. A tour of the house is then given; McCloud brings the episode to a close summarising the house, its construction, and his opinions.

And sometimes these visit open up surprising not-reached goals, issues and other things a normal watcher can laugh about, as their planning had been too astronomically wrong – especially when people themselves want to be the planner or project manager on site, though they never even had been doing anything close to such a job before.

Most, or nearly close to all of the shown projects, aka houses, are finished and shown as finished pieces of art (looking at the contruction material you mostly can either love it or hate it, being in between is pretty hard as they usually aren´t showing houses made of average materials). And then the results are pretty jaw-dropping, and kinda make you want such a house as well…

Therefore: if you are into watching people overestimating their skills, struggle, but in the end manage to build their house or want inspiration for your own house and enjoy architecture – go and check it out on Netflix!


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