Always on Sunday (39)

To be honest, this introduction text really becomes harder and harder each and every time I am supposed to writing it, simply because the content just comes right underneath and I suck at small talk (written and spoken, to be honest) ^^

// Done //
– 2 job interviews
– Application writing
– Trying to reach my daily goal
– Feeling worn out and partially really sick with

// Eaten //
– Tuna steak, self grilled for the very first time
– Too much meat to be honest, I really need to cut it down again – but my bbq grill invites me to eat so much of it
– Greek food again at the restaurant
– Rests of my self-baked bread

// Bought //
– Food, drink
– An ironing board
– Booked a cooking course for my boyfriend and me

// Listened to //
– Faey
– Apocalyptica
– Gus G

// Watched //
– “Türkisch für Anfänger”
– A German series that is about a German family and a Turkish family becoming a patchwork family and all the troubles that come with it – all made in a funny and humorous way with a tad of exaggeration
– No idea how it´s called, but it´s a Netflix series on Nature in the Americas – pretty cool pictures and interesting stuff, but in case you are not into insects, you are so gonna enjoy some of the scenes sooo much. Not.
YouTube videos on sewing and how to sew certain materials…

// Read //
An article on how to clean up our life – well, basically also covering the wardrobe and everything, and it´s something I also need to learn. Because I tend to do more than just one “project” a day and then things become just stressful and not freeing and relievng again…

// Played //
– “Codenames”
– a card game where it´ all about guessing the right words that are being laid out on the table, described by the other person with just one word – crappy description, if you wanna know more and more in detail, have a look *here*
– “Catherine” – it´s a video platform puzzler game – and to be honest I am totally too lazy to describe the whole, all I will say that I suck at playing with a console, but I need a while until I can really do that well – anyways, read more *here*

// Thought //
Which things I could be doing in my free time, as I am always on the look and search for new things to try out and find crazy people joining me. So this is kinda what I spent a lot of time on, and my list of possible things to do over the time grows and grows, and that´s kinda nice – just sucks I need money for that all ^^

// Happy about //
Having had a tiny little weightloss – it´s better than nothing. A tiny little spark of hope that it is going a step forward maybe.

// Angry about //
Companies that promise you to come back to you after a certain amount of time and then either need x-times as long as promised without notice, or never come back to you at all. I remember that one company where I spent like 3h of job interview (2 interviews in total) and never heard back from them even though they were so looking for a new project manager. These things are the ones that make me so freaking angry. Who do they think they are? Superior? Fuck I hate this ignorance, they are no damn better than someone who is JUST unemployed and looking for a job.

// Wished for //
Good news. In regards of a job. A second invite for a job interview is not enough anymore to make me happy, as I just wait for things to blow up after this second talk. And then I would get the no anyways after having invested even more hopes and time and power into the whole.

// Dreamt about //
About moving to a lonely island, where you only get to by boat and are the only ones living on there, have tons of nature, can grow your own food, keep your animals and everything…probably describes how I feel about humans at times xD

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