Amadeus Hotel (Frankfurt am Main)

A 4* hotel, now you might think “she´s become a snob” – but far from that, when I was n Frankfurt am Main for a concert, it was the only good sounding hotel close to the venue (Batschkapp) so I literally had no choice but book this hotel. Here I can first of advice you to compare the prices, they vary up to 10€ – hotel homepage and other pages on hotel comparison are here a good choice.

Let´s start with the location…Actually the hotel is really not close to the center, and if you arrive at mainstation, I´d advise you to not choose this hotel – getting there is a pain in the neck to be totally honest, unless you travel by car. But once you get there and enter the entrance hall, I personally felt a bit misplaced because of how it looks like as you can see on the photo. The gentleman on the reception was nice, and really helpful, just as you´d expect it to be.

Once in the room, I was surprised about how spacy is was – looked neat and clean and well sorted, with a tad old (but probably matching the normal visitors staying at the hotel) furniture when it comes to its style, but everything was there what you could´ve asked for. I was surprised that I was even to fully open both windows though I was on the second floor. Clearly a plus point, because I hate nothing more than not being able to do so.  The bed was having a good mattress, not too hard but also not too soft – I felt like in heaven when I laid down especially because the pillow was one of the best ones I ever laid on. seriously. My neck and shoulders immediately fell in love with it!

The bathroom wasn´t too big but totally okay for one person, wuld´ve also been okay for two people though two ppl in there at a time would´ve been a bit of a challenge I guess. The toilet was squeezed in between the shower and the wall, so not exactly that nice – and for people with more weight on their hips than me maybe uncomfortable. The shower was nice and big, enough room to comfortably shower without needing to worry about hitting your limbs anywhere.

The whole room was rather quiet, seems like the walls were either thick or nicely isolated, the night was really a good one- followed by the really expensive breakfast. They offer everything from bread, bread rolls, over yoghurt, cereals and warm stuff like eggs and bacon and such…but somehow I cannot really find justice for this price as I really had the same kind of breakfast for at least 4€ less. So somehow I personally would have a second thought about if you really want to have breakfast there or not.

Overall nevertheless it really was a good stay, yet nothing for those hoping to suck up on wifi internet, as you gotta pay extra for this. And no, this is no joke and one of the biggest no-gos for me if you aren´t even in a cheap hotel or so. I think nowadays it should be included, but well, shit happens.

So you gotta set priorities there, but I really was happy about my choice of hotel.

Prices normal/standard room
Single starting from 56€
Double starting from 57€
+ Breakfast 14,50 € per person

Röntgenstraße 5
60388 Frankfurt am Main



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