Bucket List #6 – Be silent for a full day

Wow, so the day had finally come. A full day, without me having spoken a single word. No communication except for this in written words. The weekend had been the perfect time for this, as I was alone and it was no stores open anyways to do grocery shopping, everyone else was busy…

But you know actually it´s nothing so spectacular actually for me to have these silent das, simpky because I enjoy and need me-time, alone, just with myself and in silence. The little people the better, so I know it´s not hard at all for me to be all quiet, it´s relaxing as I am not a too big talker in my free time most of the time anyways.

But it was new for me that I did it on purpose, and really watched me not speaking for a day. Because usually the day comes and goes and I was silent, but this time I really watched out to not speak or anything, and this made the experience a bit more…intense in some way. I noticed I need to do many things more on purpose, more with me really watching what I do and not do it amongst a zillion of other things that I am doing at the very same time. Being more concious about the actions..

And that´s something I will try to repeat every once in a while, at least once a month on a Sunday, it is gonna be my silent me time. Will be tougher once I will be working again, but now when being home every day, it is rather easy to achieve this. And maybe there´s gonna be more than just one day a month – and maybe too many of those if I isolate myself..Let´s see what comes, but I book this bucket list entry as a positive thing 😀

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