Day X+245-247 – Where can I order the sun?

27.04.2017 – Day X+245
Cold got worse, and so I had to cancel today´s job interview because with hardly any voice and a stuffed nose and feeling feverish, no chance. Doesn´t work for me and also not for the other party involved. So I stayed home, inside and mostly on the couch and in the bed where it is nicely warm and cozy…and just did a little washing dishes and such, nothing big. Because I was mostly too tired and exhausted somehow, my body didn´t even request any workout or so. Why can´t the weather be warmer again and everything, so terrible for the health right at the moment…

Besides that I really have to go and check out some gyms for the time when I am having a new job because I think my body really needs more than just the soon again starting hoop lessons in order to really lose weight again and make my body look tighter…

28.04.2017 – Day X+246
The photo was not taken today, because I was in no state to actually go for a walk – but I wanted to share it from one of my last walks anyways. So yeah, I dragged myself outside just to again not be getting anywhere with stuff. Rest of the day I spent relaxing, eating chicken soup and enjoying the warmth that my boyfriend always gives me – that always makes me feel better.

29.04.2017 – Day X+247
Waking up next to someone you love is probably still the most beautoful thing that you can experience…this is why I enjoy Saturday mornings so much – and why it is so hard to get out of bed, but for a good breakfast even that is possible 😉
Anyways, afterwards I picked up my Shirataki noodles from the post office – too heavy. Just too heavy. So many. And the rest of the day I spent inside as the weather was not too inviting to spend much time outside, and I had plenty of things to do – inside the apartment 😉

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