Hotel ibis Toulouse Centre

It´s been a while since my boyfriend and I were in Toulouse, but since I am in the mood for wanderlust, instead of planning another trip, I am looking back to Toulouse and the stay at the Ibis Hotel.

Chain hotels are usually a safe thing to book in foreign cities, and our stay clearly proved us right – you just know those hotels have a certain standard, and that´s been the case here aswell.

It was easy to find the the way to the hotel, even though there were no signs – probably because it really was close to the centre, and from there you were able to walk everywhere in the city. Located in a side-street, the hotel was quite silent, unless you hadd assholes in rooms that are connected to your air condition pipes and you can listen to them fighting, crying and smell them smoking. This clearly is something they should work on, even though I am aware of it being complicated. At least the people at the reception were always nice and helpful, definitely a pluspoint!

The room itself was a bit small in the entrance area – you kinda against the door or the little wardrobe when going in there, so yeah…this clearly wasn´t done too well, but anyways. The bed itself was comfy, maybe the mattress was a bit too hard and the one single blanket for us two was a bit of a challenge at first but you can get used to such things. The pillows, well, I couldn´t wait to be back home again. Or well, a reason why it would make sense to bring your own.

The rest of the room was just the right size to store all the things we had and make up for not using the breakfast buffet once. The bathroom was pretty much a one man show, because there´s not been much space for two people – and the door had quite a gap on the bottom end, which I personally found a bit weird to be honest.

As mentioned, we tried the breakfats buffet once and I am not really fully convinced that it was worth it.

It was a basic breakfast, with nice sweet bread and different other things, but something was missing for me, yet I cannot put the finger on it. Maybe that´s also why it stayed a one time thing that we went there and the other mornings got ourselves some food and had breakfast on our room.



Prices standard room
Double room ~55-70€ a night

2, Rue Claire Pauilhac
31000 Toulouse



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