Hoop Lesson 1 (03.05.2017)

First time back on the hoop, and already the warm up was something that I needed to get used to again – it´s not like I became unsporty or anything, but this warm up simply is a lot different to my usual warm ups and my previous course and what I was generally training lately. But I felt like I was being put back into place, really good. My coordination of the limbs though proved to be difficult again 😉

So now let´s first have a listen to the song for the choreography – this time it´s Ed Sheeran with “Make it rain”:

As such, the song is nice, no doubts. Yet it´s again nothing that was suggest in our Facebook group, and I decided to never even bother to post a song suggestion as seemingly noone cares. And yes, I am sick and tored of dancing to songs I have no connection to, and this song is no exception there to be fully honest. And if you need to listen to the song many times each and every lesson, it starts to be annoying – I noticed that I already now dislike the first 40 seconds as we worked on those already.

We´re quite a mixed group, some are advanced, I am beginner, there are also total beginners, and yet our teacher decided to make it “advanced beginners” to entertain the advanced ones and challenge us normal beginners. And the way she built up the lesson was – at least for me – too fast. It´ not like we started with easy and simple moves and positions, but with stuff that really was a challenge already. I really had planned to show you what we did in terms of shots that you can find on the internet, but I couldn´t even really figure out the names – so I will catch up with that in a bit!

And then she additionally did it pretty fast, and I really struggled – and noticed that my limbs don´t want to function and my frustration level kept on rising and rising. My hands did the rest, as I got blisters and an open wound now – this whole lesson made me just frustrated and angry. Not really a start that you´d want…


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