Day X+248-252 – Bee, be busy

30.04.2017 – Day X+248
A sunny day, Like, seriously. And I decided on going for a walk – at first I had planned to be going for a short and little walk as I was not totally convinced that it was a good idea. And I was surprised that I enjoyed the walk, and walked more and more and further away and found some more beautiful nature only half an hour away from me – fields, flowers, trees. Nothing to be seen from the citylife. And a lot of pollen there were too, but with a new nosespray, that didn´t really bother me at all.

01.05.2017 – Day X+249
I celebrated the start of May by going onto a longer biking ride – 16km of exploring the surroundings of where I live, exploring new parts of the city, finding new places of nature and being stunned so much beauty is so close to my place. And having the fresh air blow into my face, enjoying the weather without struggling against allergic issues thanks to a special anti-allergic nosespray…it was just so good!

02.05.2017 – Day X+250
In the morning a job interview that did not really made me too happy to be totally honest, so yet another bubble was bursting and fell into pieces, but this is how job search is, never be too sure about performing well during the talks, it always comes differently than expected. And that can be hell of a frustration at times, but you cannot change that, only cope with it – but that´s hard, it rises the stress level and I really struggled to calm down and relax this time. And my boyfriend did his best to have my mind turned off, but it didn´t fully work unfortunately.

03.05.2017 – Day X+251
What a stressful day – going home from my boyfriend in the morning, then at late lunchtime I had my physiotherapy to attend, and in the evening my first hoop lesson again. So basically I spent more time “on the road”, instead of being at home and relaxing  – that really was not on my schedule unfortunately.  And in the evening I really dropped into my bed, unshowered, no hot bath, I just wanted to sleep after I had dinner.

04.05.2017 – Day X+252
Full of aching muscles, bruises, blue spots and being totally tired somehow. The rainy weather ddn´t really motivate me either, so I kinda decided on a lazy day so that my body can recover – and the skin on my hands really needs that time, with my open blisters from yesterday´s workout.

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