Always on Sunday (41)

Wow, just did my first 6km run and I feel now kinda destroyed, but happy – all he training that I started for the obstacle mud run Tough Mudder Half in July will take quite some of my free time but it motivates me and I like pushing my limits as I did today.

Now it is time for some blogging 😉

// Done //
– 1 job interview
– First hoop lessons again
– House scores – blergh, should have done more
– Writing applications & handling job agency issues
– Sewing  a bit, but not as much as I had planned to
– Photo editing- I had planned so much more, shame on me when seeing what I amanged
– Stock holders meeting of Lufthansa
– Baking cookies in shape of a meerkat

// Eaten //
– Too much, and too little fruits
– Amazingly tasty selfbaked cookies
– Too little fish and too much meat
– Lizza-Pizza, selfmade

// Bought //
– Food
– Ticket for the obstacle mud run Tough Mudder Half

// Listened to //
– Faey
– Placebo
– Random playlists on Amazon Music

// Watched //
– “Mein Kind, Dein Kind” – Nope, I clearly do not want kids. When watching this you often might think you could do better, but at the same time you see what assholes kids can be – so no thank you. Not for me.
– “Alarm für Cobra 11” – I wonder when it happens that the main person quits for whatever reasons, as it happened with the others – because I kinda grew up with this actor being part, and he clearly is the reason why I am watching it – in addition to me knowing where they film and shoot the series as it´s around Cologne which is still my hometown. 
– “Nikola” –
Always watched it when I was younger, and somehow I stick to it – even have a DVD of it, but having it on video on demand makes it kinda nicer – because every week you get new parts of it to re-watch ^^

// Read //
A lot about how to prepare for the Tough Mudder Half run and what to pack, what not to do, what to eat and everything – I wanna do the best preparation possible, and for some things I need alternatives how to train certain muscles so I am also planning how to do this…

// Played //
Nothing, somehow the week just ran past without having had a second to really play anything…maybe next week I will find the time again 😉

// Thought //
How I would handle if I got a job in Berlin and everything…with the traveling and such stuff…and if I would still find a new job in Hamburg and all of this…too many thoughts in my head to really grab a single one and properly elaborate.

// Happy about //
That the summer dress that I sewed for someone fits and is being liked by that person – full relief, as I was really worried it might not fit.
Also, I managed my 6km run off my training plan for the Tough Mudder Half obstacle run, and felt amazing afterwards – what a great feeling!

// Angry about //
Companies coming back to me after I had contacted them after more than a month has passed by since the very last talks that were had. And still they needed a damned full week after I emailed them to tell me they had already found a different candidate. This my dear company, is not the style you can treat people.

Also I am angry about the fact that some people think it´s right to make fun of me wanting to take part in these obstacle mud runs – and saying I´d need vacation afterwards and would not even be able to make it. But fuck it, thanks for the extra amount of motivation- How can you be so ignorant instead of supportive…

// Wished for //
Less troubles, less discussions, more positive instead of frustrating news and things that happened.

// Dreamt about //
Nothing, really. No dreams that you have usually at nighttime, or rather: I cannot properly remember those, and maybe that´s better this way.


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