Day X+253-256 – Sinner and Saint (Food and sports)

05.05.2017 – Day X+253
So today I went to the stock holders´ meeting of Lufthansa – no, I am not in any kind having any shares there, but someone I know and who couldn´t go and thus asked if I wanted to simply check it out how it rolls, and that´s something you don´t need to ask me twice. I always want to check out new things, so I was there at 10am and checked it out – was pretty interesting at parts, until the point where there was the question round and the questions – for my taste – became odder and odder…  then and after having had some nice potato soup and sausage I left and went home – was an interesting time, but proably nothing I´d be doing twice 😉

06.05.2017 – Day X+254
The day was rather crappy for quite a while, and then the evening had turned the day to the better with cooking good food and then baking meerkat cookies with my boyfriend. It was so much fun baking those, decorating those and they taste just amazing 😀

07.05.2017 – Day X+255
So, as I am doing this training plan, I went for a 6km run after my breakfast – I usually run for 2,5-3km, so these 6km were really something frightening for me at first. But it went rather well, surely I have not been running always but also had walking parts, but it felt much better than expected and I was high on adrenaline afterwards – and then dead. So that was the main thing for the day basically.

08.05.2017 – Day X+256
Rest day! No sports, luckily – my legs really would´ve not been able to handle that anways because the muscles are so sore. And I always thought it would not kick me off track that badly, but how wrong I seemingly was…my full legs hurt, from top to toes, only my arms are recovering pretty well from my hoop lesson. I really need to get fit fast agan to be able to use the playtimes at the studio. And I hope my migraine issues will disappear now that I was at my physiotherapy again..I am just a cripple or at least feel like it at times hahaha