Day X+257-260 – After rain comes sunshine

09.05.2017 – Day X+257
It´s been one of those days that you would like to cross off the calendar, forget about the day and make it unhappen. First I got my rejection from the job that I really really wanted and really had a good feeling for, and then personal issues. I was really over my limit, and that was really such a major downfall…so awful.

10.05.2017 – Day X+258
It´s been a crazy day…in the morning still rather grumpy, down and stressed out about the day, I already got the first great news when on my way home from my boyfriend´s place: the invitation to the entrance exams for my master´s programme in Finland. Then rushed to the physiotherapy, and on my way back got a call from radio station energy Hamburg that I won two tickets for going to Heidepark on Friday…totally crazy day, really.

11.05.2017 – Day X+259
Berlin and a job interview, so I got up really early and hopped onto the train, chilled a bit and went some sightseeing and walking as such, and then did the not sucessful interview (I will not go into detail why, but all I will say I am really disappointed) and then was tanning in the sun at the river Spree until my train was ready to take me back to Hamburg. Went home, cooked, took a hot bath and then dropped into bed.

12.05.2017 – Day X+260
I had won two tickets to go to Heidepark in Soltau for free – including budride there and back, and entering before the park opens, as we checked the new attraction which was not my cup of tea, but anyways. The rest of the day was amazing, and after the initial not too inviting weather it was just a great sunny day and what I needed with my boyfriend – relaxing, turning off the mind and spending time together…In the evening we didn´t have the power anymore to cook so we had Asian takeaway, and then just dropped into bed – the day really was exhausting but so great!