Always on Sunday (42)

This week was a busy one, and it really feels tough to recapture – I hope I haven´t forgotten too much in this little recapture, but so many things come and go that it really is hard to keep track on it.

// Done //
– Job interview in Berlin
– Application writing & job interview planning
– Learning for entrance exam in Jyväskylä
– Planning trip for my entrance exams
– A day at Heidepark

// Eaten //
– Meat and fish, mostly with my Shirataki noodles
– Asian takeaway
– A crepe at heidepark

// Bought //
– Flights to Finland
– Trains in Finland & Germany
– Hotel in Finland
– The usual food
– A new jogging arm bag thingy for my phone as the old one doesn´t work anymore

// Listened to //
– Radio
– Apocalyptica
– Placebo

// Watched //
A lot of series, as it nicely fit into my short evenings and in between learning breaks, and household breaks and everything – and yes, it´s been mostly trash series on TV, running mostly in the background. I really struggled to sit down and really actively watch something unless I was with my boyfriend.

// Read //
I read an article about neuroscience and how oxytocin is the base for having trust in others, how chronic stress – amongst other factors – is killing the production of it and everything related to how to create a culture of trust in businesses – you can ead it **HERE**
Same goes for “Leadership in context” which I just started working on, so no summary on this one – but have your own read **HERE**

// Played //
Nothing, no time, and I somehow preferred to sleep every second possible instead of playing video games…maybe this is soon gonna change when I have an add on for my Sims 4 game…

// Thought //
That things are getting too much right now, the bulk of job interviews, rejections, traveling for job interviews, and the the planning and learning for the entrance exam

// Happy about //
Happy and excited about being invited to the entrance exams for my maste´s programme at the end of the month at my old university where I also did my bachelor´s degress and really grateful for having received this chance. Hopefully gonna use this chance.

// Angry about //
People not reading applications properly, then being surprised I do not bring certain skills that were not even mentioned in the job ad and are even more surprised when I tell them I live in a different city than where the company and job interview is and need to travel back home 2.5h. This is what I totally call fail.

// Wished for //
Having gotten to know about being invited to the entrane exams earlier so that I could have still gotten better flights, as it is hilarious in a negative way how expensive everything is now when bookng rather spontaneously.

// Dreamt about //
Loads of odd things with bands, different countries and creepy things…stuff you mostly do not want to remember, because i really makes you doubt about your sanity…