Day X+261-263 – The weather vs me

13.05.2017 – Day X+261
After having been in bed at 10pm last night, I nearly slept 12 hours and still was rather exhausted and the weather didn´t make it any better, as it was pretty heavy on the body and it felt like it was weighing you down. And once I actually had the guts to go for a run, it started raining and the thunder started rolling in but never really came to pour it all out, instead it kept drizzling which drove me crazy.But at least I then had time to start learning for my entrance exam xD

14.05.2017 – Day X+262
There are days on which you should simply stay in bed – and already without having gotten up, I knew this. I got up anyways, prepared breafast and burned my bread roll, and then kicked the plate off the kitchen counter and had to redo everything again…Then went for a run, and later on figure out why there was all the police around as they were searching for someone who had shot a girl in the chest in the morning. well, what a great day. I really have had enough of excitement for the week.

15.05.2017 – Day X+263
Woke up and somehow felt dizzy, and this feeling didn´t really vanish throughout the day but nevertheless went for a run (4km) and was even more dead afterwards because now the sum of yesterday´s 6km and today´s 4km is what my legs were killed by. Still I went to do some little necessary shopping in the sun…I feel like cooking in my apartment already now, I am really not looking forward to summer in here…Besides this – playing a bit of Sims, doing house scores and learning for my entrance exam.


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