Hoop Lesson 2 (10.05.2017)

To be honest, when I saw we´re having a replacement teacher as our main teacher was not able to make it for the lesson, I was kinda relieved – because I immediately hoped that it would give me the chance to repeat and rehearse what we´ve learned so far because I felt guilty. Guilty because I had been too lazy to go to playtime so far, and I know I need to change it I think.

So yeah, since the replacement teacher only had the video that we taped in the first lesson, it was a relaxed but still really productive lesson for me. During the knee hook I managed to finally touch at least my feet by bending back – maybe it was because of the wamr-up that clearly did stretch my back more than the usual warmup does. But it felt like a damned milestone, even though it really doesn´t look that tough and complicated and might also be easy for others – but due to my back issues I have limited flexibility anyways. So it´s a huge step for me and really something I need to keep working on.

The rest of the elements we had so far aso went easier and felt less stressful, but I think that the factor time played a big role – we were not rushing though the things but took our time to again and again repeat the positions and spins until everyone got them right and even though that really drained the energy, I went out there with such a better feeling than during the first lesson – so good!


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