Day X+264-266 – Summer is here!

16.05.2017 – Day X+264
I woke up with my stomach being a tad – well no, more than just a tad – bitchy, so I couldn´t even finish my tasty pancake for breakfast. But no can do, besides resting which I nearly did – had a job interview, and then went to my boyfriend´s place right away because it wouldn´t have made sense to go home first. So I had some resting and being forced to do nothing more or less and then a sweet evening with my boyfriend.

17.05.2017 – Day X+265
A busy busy busy day – started the day with a job interview, then went home, dropped into bed because I hadn´t slepped too well and then had a phone job interview later on…and I went for a short 3km run, because I wanted more I really considered running another route but the heat and weather simply made me feel like I was a running burning something…and then I still had to go to Hoop class in the evening, so I still needed some power – and I really needed it, it was hot, sweaty, painful and resulted in quite some bruises that I somehow always just discover by accident nowadays…

18.05.2017 – Day X+266
Since yesterday morning or even the day before my neck hurts and when I yawn or so, then my head hurts a bit…damned stiff muscles, even though I am working on loosening those – cannot wait for my next physiotherapy. Anyways, it´s been hot again and thus went out biking for a nice 15km even though it had gotten windy and you really just waited for it to turn and be rainy…but it didn´t happen, which was good. But generally the weather is…exhausting, especially since it is always on the edge to thunder and lighting.

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