Hoop Lesson 3 (17.05.2017)

So, today we did something new again after last lesson had been just all about repeating and repeating.

We were repeating the Straddle Mount – and I still lok retarded doing it because I am lacking the right muscles to really get it done properly. But it´s improving every day from new, so there is hope that I eventually somewhen look good doing it.

That´s then followed by a Hocks Hang just with the variation that we bent to the feet and grab each foot once for a bit before relaxing and grabbing the other one…and that one now finally works well and without major struggles.

We started with Arabesque when it comes to adding new elements – it is actually not that hard, only the fact that you need to also move your hip properly is what I tend to forget. And I know it looks retarded because I am far away from getting into any sort of a split, so yeah – if I was able to do the split, it would also look quite cool ^^

We did some Split Aways – the normal version we´ve done already in my first course, but this time we´re not grabbing the hoop during that, but rather the rope that connects hoop with the ceiling, and that´s the struggle for me. My hands sweat a lot and it really scares me because it´s so slippery due to that…not feeling good at all to be honest. The actual ones that we newly did I cannot yet show you because I hav eno idea how it´s called and couldn´t find it by trying to google the description on how it looks like and how it´s done…next time, promised!

So yeah, ovrall it was productive and welt quite well, even though there is some older positions that I still struggle with – once I am having my entrance exam done in Finland, I will also be going to the playtimes again, at least I booked myself into the schedule already. Simply because it´s been too crazy lately to get me motivated and going for it – also due to my additional training for the Tough Mudder…