There´s times where I am pretty lucky in regards of raffles, and so on Facebook I won this box – not a beauty box, rather a lifestyle/beauty/wellness/fitness box which is just the right thing for me.  I liked the look of the boy, that color splash like outlook of the box is simple but attractive. Yet I was surprised that the wrapping paper inside was black, which doesn´t match anymore – but you know that I like black, so 😉

What I reall didn´t like is that what we received as a prize is the box from December, so totally nothing up to date or anything. Yes I know it´s for free but still, I am used to actually getting one of the latest boxes instead.

Max Factor – Facefinity Compact Foundation

Simply Chai – Simply Chai Spicy
I´ve already been drinking Chai quite a while ago, still during my studies back in Finland, after one of my hosts had turned me into it. And back in the days I really enjoyed it, so I was really curious how this is gonna taste as it´s a spicy version of the “normal” Chai – it was okay, but nothing that I would personally by for myself, as the normal one is more of my cup of tea 😉

Dr. Severin – Woman Original Body Aftershave Balsam
When I opened the bottle and squeezed the liquid/balm/gel onto my hand, the smell really tourned me off – it´s extremely strong, and it feels like you pour parfume over yourself – though parfume is not on the top ingredients. But still, massive smell, and a smell that is rather masculine than feminine as it feels heavy. It nicely cools the shaved areas, yet I wouldn´t use it on any shaved body part.

Kneipp – Back & Neck Balsam with grapple plant
Generally I´ve always been a fan of stuff from Kneipp, and this balm for the neck and back to losen stuff muscles is no exception, even though it´s not my first choice in this case. It works pretty well, and feels good on the skin – no irritated skin, no burning, nothing. And it works, my neck really did feel better after using it.

4711 Acqua Colonia – Lime & Nutmeg Shower Gel
To be honest, I cannot say anything about it as I have it away to someone as a present – I still have tons of other shower gels so…

Twisterz – Plastic bands
Well, at first I really thought that this was some beauty crap for wrapping around your hair or stuff, and was annoyed. But then I figured it´s for wrapping around cables, which is kinda cool – first off that it saves the cable and secondly that you can easily then recognize your cable in case you and someoen else have the same kind of cables. Nothing that I waited for, but it works, looks funny and is fine.

Workout water – Stay Fresh with elder taste
Th ehype about BCAA drinks is clearly something that I also watch as I am working out quite a bit, and there are surely products that make sense to consume after sports – with this drink nevertheless I struggle. And that has several reasons: foremost it has lactose in it, which makes it for me risky as I have no idea how much actually is in there and how many body reacts on it, especially after a workout that might be stressful. In addition – the taste. It is totally oversweetened and I feel like dying from a sugar shock, it is too much for me, and the overall taste is really totally not my cup of tea!

Voucher: Yogaeasy – Online Yoga
I will be trying this in June, so I cannot really write a review on it yet – because I wanna test it properly and not just write about the very first tiny impression ^^


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